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  1. Really? That making of terminal video is so old and not yours, the creator made only that section of the map for a GFX project and you have downloaded his video and cut the bit of the end where he added a character and did some PS. Last respect for you and your game
  2. 06durkins


    Sorry dont know how, but this is Killing me, its Stamina, not Stanima, sorry got OCD
  3. Ye that is a weird one, for the Assignment we had to do it as an "adver" game so I chose Cyborg Gaming as my Company, so Im just using a name around there Company name
  4. Ye, this is just for college work, more the design than the implementation
  5. Here is the case concept I did for my game design assignment at College, don't expect to end up making it, wish I could. Soon ill do a thread on the whole thing, all the designing/planning has been done, might be interesting for some of you to read my concept/design. Like the idea? free jpeg images
  6. Personally all the white annoys me My preference is 3D but this is quite a good job, liking it it
  7. How would i make the parkour script to be 3rd person, i have made it work so far, but after an animation it goes back to the first person camera, Any Help?
  8. Ye, that goes without saying BF always make it smooth and destructable Carnt wait for this to come out, just carnt decide PC or xBox
  9. OMG, you are a little Kid refusing to Give credit to the maker of the game, use it for learning not using. I learnt that too. You class yourself as a games group but you can just copy text from a screen. N that model aint even yours Come on dude be nice
  10. Thanks bro, ill have to look into it, Mainly use PS for concept and Photo edits, ill have to look into slicing it up for Web, my ideas have slight changed but im sure i can adjust them befor starting to slice it up, Would i be using Hostspots in the game or, having a button with several different states such as over/down/up
  11. Come on dude, use them as a educational purpose, learn how to compile your game through trial and error. Then go about getting help from this forum and credit where it is due mate. I used RemixGames to learn how to works and get a better overview of it all, Tutorial should be used for education not for you full project. It just about trial and error, i was exactly where you was, think im still there Just play with Unity Bro you will like to try stuff out
  12. I was expecting a new game from the BF3 Template, if you get what i mean, but this footage just too my breath away, it crazy how they have managed to improve BF3 My Favourite Things - Dual Sights New Spotting System Shaders (OMFG) Sounds! Any1 have any other favourite things?
  13. This would be good if i dint have this script from OfficialRemixGames, Thanks for posting some people will find this very useful as it is just the player controller and can be used with alot of other stuff here
  14. Think he means they are low quality in photoshop, but have large file sizes, just persist to make them good quality and when finished look into compression.
  15. Unity, im guessing ill have to bad he background, and all the buttons seperate, and use hotspot? would there be an easier way?
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