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  1. I am already considering tent or forge
  2. Because this project I'm making is for the community and it has many features and each room that is created will have different game types allowing people to actually explore the project and report bugs in game options. Example demo 5 people open rooms 1 TDM 1 creator 1 FFA 1 S&D 1 Tag This will be 7 people per side 14 in a room total We don't want complications where 14 in each room and the final room gets 6 players in the game. That doesn't equilize We need as much rooms as possible with as less expense as possible due to this not being a complete game we intend to manage. It's to be released to the community soon after tests!
  3. Using the photon server? On the azure vms? That still is the (Photon user limits) issue. It's just how to get passed that. How does OMA have so many connections?
  4. Does that actually work with unity? Never heard of this system before? Any demos on how it's setup?
  5. Thanks for the reply, do you have a link to azure?
  6. Hey I've been looking for a networking solution for a project I've been working on and I've currently got it setup to "PhotonCloud" but as your all aware there is limitations (20 free users) however I've been disputing this because that's not enough connections for my project, I've put together some mathematics and what I actually require is a possible 6 Servers (Hosted Games) 14 Players per room (7 each side) Is there anyway to get more PhotonCloud users without any additional funding or another possible solution that's free with unlimited connections?
  7. http://smarthosting.ml/
  8. I still prefer smarthosting I haven't ran into any problems yet.
  9. Not from my understanding because when I paid for my services I didn't have any hidden fees, I literally only paid the price it says. Message from the ticket I asked 'Do you apply hidden fees?' They said 'We don't have hidden fees, the price you pay is the price displayed'
  10. 15% off promo code 59KB0TCC1G
  11. darkyoungphsyco


    hey community, during my browse i found a hosting site thats fairly cheap, i have a web host and gmod server with them... so far i have had a discount because i got more then one item at once, all i paid was 2.50 for both.. if you need one i would currently recommend them.. HERE please reviews on comments, i will send this thread link to the team on a ticket so they can see the reviews. a little about why i got the services.. web hosting is to host my login system for my project with unity will use there vps because my project has a server and master server and easier i suppose, the game server is just because i like to be immature and play gmod with some friends.
  12. Everyone that downloads show your appreciation and like the damn video
  13. Zgeorge lol you can't solve a texture problem it pops up saying (fix) hit fix and solves this. If not then you pressed ignore . Again no need to waste a new thread. Just have a fiddle keep restarting until you get it right.
  14. But doesn't support .max files.
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