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  1. Ok, Basically i want to Have a AI follow me simple i can do that but what i want is to be able to control him, not in the sense that i press down key and switch player. But press down a key say Y and get a command wheel appear bit like what you find in dota 2! but will have functions like Attack, Cease Fire, Move, Hold ect. What would be the best method to do this keeping him as a AI or give him a controller? Or do it as a boolean and have the script True to follow False to Hold, also dont want him to attack unless told? Could some one give me a example of scripting please. function Update () { if (Input.GetButtonDown ("q")) { if(GetCompnent(Script).enabled=true) { GetCompnent(Script).enabled = false; } else { GetCompnent(Script).enabled = true; } } } Ok so thinking a script like this attached to each Aspect of the command wheel Except i wouldnt need the, if (Input.GetButtonDown ("q")) as would be using command wheel, And editing OcularCash Weapon Wheel script to be the command wheel, but this is where i need the most help.
  2. Yeah that's the idea, so if to say theirs a objective that has to be completed before entering a part of the map or they will be hit by artillery. or as a means of boarder defense.
  3. Ok so i have been searching for ages now and cant find what i am looking for so going to ask for help again. I want to add a artillery system to my game that when a player or enemy enters a collision box trigger. They our then fired upon by artillery. Could someone help with the scripting or know of a script that i can modify as i find that the easiest way to learn. Thanks Rick
  4. Ok, So i want to add ocular Cash simple Javelin script to OMA Premium FPS Kit what is he best way to do this. if i add it like a normal weapon i cant add the right scripts to the weapon? Any help please
  5. Thanks for all the input going to looking into compression methods and extreme bandwidth optimizations. got a long way to go till my game will go live but just trying to gather as much information as possilbe.
  6. Thanks So in stead of thinking of having 2 Teams of 32 or 12 ect. if i was to create a game of 24 players in one room vs AI's that should be ok then? so the 24 players would have a good update rate, would high numbers of ai affect the game play?
  7. Networking i am clueless but have a friend that does it for a living so will have to have a word with him. So how many players would you recommend as a good number like 32 max? or less. Do you know of any currently released games running on the Photon Network?
  8. No have not brought it, just been looking for networking solutions. 16 Players is a bit low for What i am aiming for would like in the region of 32 to 64 considering the game type and size of maps. One of their packages is $25 and has 500 CCU and 100,00 MAU These figures mean little to me so please help lol, how many players would be able to enter a room?
  9. Has anyone used Photon to host their game whats it like? I am making a battlefield style game with tanks, helicopters, cars ect. Would it be capable of running such a game i have no idea when it comes to networking! I am on a major leaning curve so any useful help or links ect would be much appreciated.
  10. Yeah think im going to learn the process of, Giving the object life = X amount when zero run animation. Sure i will get my head round it
  11. Thanks for the quick reply's I am looking into both suggestions i like the look of the NVIDIA system yet the only problem i have with it is that its not free lol, even tho i don't see my game earning 100,000k any time soon, its still another license to pay! does anyone use it? i've applied for the free version to give it ago. As for the blender animation and scripting option do you know of any useful videos or documents in the process of creating such task?
  12. Hi All, So I am after some guidance I am wanting to build some Buildings for my game that our breakable like battle field 4. I suck at scripting but I am trying to learn, Modelling I am OK. What I have played around with so far is just creating cubes in blender using the fracture object withing the program. Exporting to unity Applying mesh collides to the individual fractures and ridge body's to, This gives me a basic breakable object. But i found this is limited as if i wanted to make a skyscraper for instance that the base supports our breakable and when blown apart the top topples over (again like bf4) the supports built with the above technique can not support that much weight with out falling part under the load. Also tried a bridge and the pieces that didn't have any support I,E the arch just fell apart in game mode. Has anyone tried to make or know how to get round the issue. I used to create breakable buildings in CryEngine and the individual parts where held together via a physics cube but not sure how it was executed. Any input would be appreciated I am willing to experiment.
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