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  1. Ok hehe
  2. Looking good! Whats the goal? What do you need to reach? Is there puzzles? Enemies? great work!
  3. Haha xD But he changed the color to serious RED!
  4. It was a joke Thats why the xD
  5. Ok im gonna die by an heart attack
  6. Im waiting... xD
  7. Plese give it to meee!!! Im so excited
  8. Please add: grenades Chat kill feed kill score scoreboard how long will it take you for the kit?
  9. Optimize the network pls! Because the most multi-Player kits are lagging like shit!
  10. Did you animate your guns or did you use a animation of a other gun?
  11. OMA already said its 5.3 or higher. Not lower. Thats why.
  12. Does it have like Multiplayer support?
  13. Ohh ok Well that sucks tho..
  14. 942 Likes on your Youtube Video We`re getting close to 1000!! Hehe thank you for making a cool kit like that.( And Tutorials )
  15. Awesome KIT! Thank you. Firesoft