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  1. Because you are using the wrong Unity Version. TESTED IN Unity2017.3.1f as written in the description...
  2. Heyho! Thank you for the nice words. I'm sorry you are having this issues. I cant support the kit anymore because I got pretty much to do right now in my private area. I will help you as soon as I got time. I'll contact you Have a nice day. PS: Try to make the enemies excactly as the premade enemies. (Dont forget the animator)
  3. Thank you for your constructive feedback.
  4. Are you still having problems?
  5. This is just RFPS with new Enviroment. Wtf...
  6. Well then dont mention me, lol. So. Have you set everything up in the Inspector? Did you start the demo scene, that I've included? Can you do a screentshot for me showing the script in Inspector and Console? And make an video if you can. Why did you change the void Fire() to IEnumerator?
  7. My Eyes are hurting.
  8. Hahah ;D It MAGICALLY worked.. I dont think he will be successfull at the university
  9. Created a discord server for the updates, help and support! https://discord.gg/hfDrkEm
  10. This is a good tutorial to begin with:
  11. Are you using Horror Development Kit? And at the same time AU FPS Kit 1.6? lol
  12. That english xD. Did you create the map? If yes, cool!
  13. Hello ArmedUnity! Welcome to my multiplayer progresss. Currently learning - First Time Discord: https://discord.gg/hfDrkEm Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Thank you.
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