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  1. MadFPS Kit

    Thank you! Ill try and find it, it is from Youtube
  2. MadFPS Kit

    Adding Weapons in MadFPS 0.3
  3. MadFPS Kit

  4. MadFPS Kit

    I will release it today.
  5. MadFPS Kit

    Click here to complete a survey for my FPS Kit: (Only 1 Question) My Homepage: http://sirflymoo.de.tl/Surveys.htm
  6. MadFPS Kit

    They are just placeholders but I will change them soon.
  7. MadFPS Kit

  8. MadFPS Kit

    Yeah I will lerp it.
  9. MadFPS Kit

    Right link Thank you
  10. MadFPS Kit

    Update 2:
  11. MadFPS Kit

    Link removed for now. Will upload new better and updated demo.
  12. Need a good c# programmer.

  13. Need a good c# programmer.

  14. Need a good c# programmer.

    Nö, das war mein erstes „from scratch“ project. Ich weiß nicht. Kommt warscheinlich drauf an was für scripts. Ich würde sagen nur für FPS oder TPS Spiele.