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  1. MadFPS Kit

    Extract to Desktop. Open Unity. Select Open File. Select Extracted File. Have Fun
  2. MadFPS Kit

    Still working on it dont worry
  3. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    AI coming soon!
  4. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

  5. MadFPS Kit

    Because some of them were ripped and I didnt know that.
  6. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    Added animated Legs Added Save and Load (Player Position) (Continue Game, New Game) Added Main Menu (Settings in progress) Added Save Zone (Saving only works in a base) Improved Bullet detection Improved Performance of some Scripts Map is currently WIP... Beginning cutscene is WIP after the map is finished... Then Update 3 arrives... (With playable demo) Thank you for the nice comments
  7. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    Thank you
  8. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    UPDATE #2 is here <3
  9. DownFall - The Lost City

    OMA Strikes again! lol
  10. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    Thanks! Well its just a placeholder, and I dont want to name it unnamed again. lol
  11. UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

    Hello ArmedUnity! Well Im back to developing shooters. (lol) This project is for testing my skills and only conzentrating on it. I always start making 5 different project and explode. So.. here my progress after a few days. Discord link is in the video description. Singleplayer story based game. (TLS by RedSky Games (my games channel)) Update #1: Update #2: Changelog: Added Fall Damage Added Leaning Added Prone Added LeanAim Added PostProcessing Added Weapon Name UI Added Weapon Pickup Added Weapon Drop Improved Vaulting and Climbing Improved Bullet Script Improved Weapon Switching Improved FPSController Improved Grenade Script Fixed ProjectSettings (Broke the hole Project) Fixed Bugs and Error and more...
  12. MadFPC | First Person Controller

    Hello ArmedUnity! Im here to sell you a simple kit what will be improved very soon. Its mainly purpose is to get funds for my upcoming game. (And at the same time giving you something back Whats to come? Find it on sellfy. (Link below) Links: https://sellfy.com/p/GvGR/ (Pay what you want. Minimum is 2.50 €. I need enough for the sellfy fee) Thank you for helping.
  13. MadFPMelee Kit

    Added Troll AI (Collider Damage) -Has Fov, Distance detection Added Bow (Self Animated) Added Boomerang Mode (Throwing Weapons) Added Trail effect to Weapons Added Idle animation Fixed Throwing Weapons flying through the ground Fixed Rotation of Throwing Weapons Fixed Animations And more... Video coming soon..
  14. MadFPS Kit

    This kit is now on hold. Due to my new kit and game. but I will add it when Im finished.
  15. MadFPMelee Kit

    So here the first sneak peak. Done in 1 Day (14 Hours of Work).