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  1. This might help http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=KeyCombo
  2. foreach(GameObject go in Lights) { go.SetActive(true); } you can also use for a loop
  3. tehAsker

    Ai Help

    if I understand it right, you want the AI to follow another player if distance => 100, right? this should do it I think, I haven't tested it but it didn't give me any error yet using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; [RequireComponent(typeof(NavMeshAgent))] [RequireComponent(typeof(ThirdPersonCharacter))] public class AICharacterControl : MonoBehaviour { public NavMeshAgent agent { get; private set; } // the navmesh agent required for the path finding public ThirdPersonCharacter character { get; private set; } // the character we are controlling public Transform target; public Transform[] otherTarget; public float targetChangeTolerance = 1; // distance to target before target can be changed public float Distance; public float LookAtRange; public float AttackRange; Vector3 targetPos; // Use this for initialization void Start () { // get the components on the object we need ( should not be null due to require component so no need to check ) if(target != null){ target = GameObject.FindWithTag ("Player"); } agent = GetComponentInChildren<NavMeshAgent>(); character = GetComponent<ThirdPersonCharacter>(); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (Distance < LookAtRange) { } if (Distance <= LookAtRange) { } if (Distance >= 100.0f) { target = null; } if (target == null) { target = otherTarget[Random.Range (0, otherTarget.Length)]; } if (target != null) { Distance = Vector3.Distance (target.position, transform.position); if (Distance < AttackRange) { // update the progress if the character has made it to the previous target if ((target.position - targetPos).magnitude > targetChangeTolerance) { targetPos = target.position; agent.SetDestination (targetPos); } // update the agents posiiton agent.transform.position = transform.position; // use the values to move the character character.Move (agent.desiredVelocity, false, false, targetPos); } else { // We still need to call the character's move function, but we send zeroed input as the move param. character.Move (Vector3.zero, false, false, transform.position + transform.forward * 100); } } } public void SetTarget(Transform target) { this.target = target; } }
  4. @ectwc anything you buy in the asset store can be used commercially it always depends on what kind of game you're making, UFPS has Mobile, parkour, mobile and multiplayer (coming soon) add-ons and even assets that come with built-in support for UFPS, it also has good support and a huge community. but if UFPS doesn't suit your game it's better to start from scratch, you'll learn a lot more and will be able to make the game the way you want, with UFPS you will most likely end up replacing the models and map and that's it.
  5. Options menu with graphics and fullscreen resolution I'm not sure what you have added but it is just sooo laggy... weapon sway is all bugged, might want to take a look at that. as for suggestions, maybe add a gun that shoots rainbows with these sounds, I'm so bored I would play that..
  6. he made it private already lol
  7. to fix first problem add: bool countToDestroy = false; and the second: AudioClip lol; and: audio.PlayOneShot(lol, 1) //lol is the name of the audio clip and 1 is the volume
  8. that's the same link as the one in this thread... the owner of that site just put all those kits together, he did not make them
  9. you can't really "edit" animations.. if you mean replace them then click that circle and select one, to add new animation increase the size by one and select it. you have walkbackwards 2 times there so just replace it with the animation you want to add. i'd suggest you to look through the manual and learn the interface first though
  10. wow ~ pretty realistic, almost AAA how much does/will it cost?
  11. its not but it works and you can use different fonts, etc
  12. try this GUI.skin = mySkin; //your GUI skin, in order for this to work it MUST have added 4 custom styles and each one should have different text color, though that's optional var style1 = mySkin.customStyles[0]; // custom style var style2 = mySkin.customStyles[1]; var style3 = mySkin.customStyles[2]; var style4 = mySkin.customStyles[3]; GUI.Label (Rect(200, Screen.height - 50,60,60),"My Random Text:", style1); GUI.Label (Rect(400, Screen.height - 50,60,60),"My Second Random Text" +randomThing, style2); GUI.Label (Rect(200, Screen.height - 50,60,60),"My Other Random Text:", style3); GUI.Label (Rect(200, Screen.height - 50,60,60),"Yet Another Random Text:", style4);
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