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  1. Not sure if any of you remember be, but I thought I would check in and say hi and see how you all are? For those of you who don't know me: When I was 12, I had a great idea to make money and become a game developer when I found this community. Then I found out I sucked at programming/coding and gave it up two years later and decided to get into making models. Long story short I stopped doing that and starting making music, something which I enjoy and am good at. Now I just lurk these forums and I have to say, I am impressed with how far some of you have come. Looking for something good to read, maybe some of you have made a successful game or landed a job at a big games company? It's been 3 years since I was last active, surely somebody's done something
  2. https://soundcloud.com/beneathen/a-ghosts-past Made something more melodic that you can use, be sure to follow on soundcloud for more!
  3. https://soundcloud.com/benheathmusic/sounds-of-silence
  4. Sorry I haven't been very active as I am very busy with other things, I will have a look at some point to see if I still have the file for those who still want it, but I highly doubt that I do. It might be worth checking with some of the people that have "thanked" the post as they may have the file. If I cannot find it then I apologize for wasting your time, but this was posted a long time ago.
  5. It's windows only :/
  6. bibbobbib

    Steam trading

    I have recently been sent the game Terraria on steam and was wondering if anybody has steam and wants to trade for it? I will accept and good games (preferably multiplayer) or any CSGO/TF2 items of value £2-£6
  7. Just a little progress report kinda thing for those of you who care <3 I haven't uploaded the full version yet but I will get round to that tomorrow if I finish. Please let me know what you think https://soundcloud.com/waitingworlds/just-dance-1 Also I changed my name...
  8. It depends what type of games you want to make, if you want to make light hearted funny games then just look to your left or right and use that object and just add games at the end. For example mine would be: Black hipster glasses games Or yellow plate games or white wall games
  9. bibbobbib

    World War III

    World war 3 will not happen, everyone is too scared of each other to launch an attack. They say that it would be around an hour and every city of earth would be destroyed, leaving the faggot politicians in their bases to starve to death. If you go on youtube and look around the news there are "rumors" of a war, yeah, rumors. I could say that you are gay, doesn't mean it's true. It's just annoying little kids posting shit about illuminati and ww3 just to scare everyone and to have their 15 minutes of fame. As president Lincoln once said, don't believe everything you read on the internet.
  10. Can anybody suggest a better drum vst? I have halion at the moment (default for cubase) and it is just awful.
  11. How can I get my bass kick louder and more bassy without clipping or turning everything else wayyy down?
  12. Will do, still early days yet. I only started a few weeks ago and I have to do it for next year as part of my music tech course, hopefully by then I will be producing stuff that you guys would want to listen to while developing your games, or better yet, be in your games
  13. https://soundcloud.com/theworldwaits/finished-test-1 So the clip that I posted here yesterday, I kinda made it into a test song.. Thing... Please tell me what you think anyways
  14. I was trying to "purchase" massive but it wasn't working for me, i'll try again tomorrow.
  15. Fixed it now, I had it on private :/
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