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  1. Depends on the type of the game your building tbh
  2. You want the end result - missiles to move with slight curve or straight top down? The top down version is extremely easy, try that first, if really you cant make it ill write it for you
  3. I like this very much, keep it up
  4. Never heard of it, will try it, thanks for the info
  5. Try using json, looks like ur building ur own parser
  6. yea, keep looking oma
  7. Problem is that mobile version is a compact version of the widescreen - pc version. In your case only mobile version exists.
  8. Glad it helped, cheers
  9. Hi, animation is deprecated, and it returns Component instead of Animation. Instead define animation as variable and drag & drop it inside from inspector. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class aniamtionswing : MonoBehaviour { public Animation anim; //drag and drop from unity inspector void Update () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.H)) { anim.Play("yourAnimationName"); } } }
  10. #pragma strict var as : AudioSource; function Start () { while{ yield WaitForSeconds (5); as.Play(); } }
  11. dictionary would probably be a much better solution than list
  12. Best HTTP (Pro Edition) View File Asset Store Submitter YoungDeveloper Submitted 02/28/2017 Category ADG Assets  
  13. Nitro simply adds extra to max speed? public float maxSpeed = 200f; public float nitroBoost = 30f; public bool nitro; public float maxVelocity{ get{ float value = maxSpeed ; if(nitro) value += nitroBoost ; return value; } } Slow acceleration and deceleration should be handled in your add force, after that simply clamp velocity.
  14. Thanks, well, that only means op is a sack of lying sh*t