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  1. Premium Gold Sidearm Pack

    Showing wire-frames for low poly models would be useless, as it would imply that you dont actually have high poly versions and you didnt bake the normals. With all due respect, showing a single print screen of a high poly model in zbrush or whatever software would not be allowed if you are making a product, but you are selling these assets for other developers. If you cannot prove this one simple thing i will be forced to remove this post and possible issue a ban. I hope its clear why we are trying to protect this site and buyers.
  2. Premium Gold Sidearm Pack

    Can you post print-screens of high poly models you use to bake normals please? The mesh for revolver and cz looks like 95% from cs go with very slight changes, maybe because its the same weapon
  3. Premium Gold Sidearm Pack

    Did you make these?
  4. ArmedUnity Discord

    Hello, i created ArmedUnity discord group for all fellow members here. https://discord.gg/AEePfgP
  5. Pick a random string in string

    Id probably use net string formatting lib, instead of my own format, here's an example for you public string[] names = new string[]{"Henry", "Michael", "Vincent" }; public string[] me = new string[]{ "lazy", "extremely lazy" }; void Start() { string template = "Hello my name is {0}! And i should try and write my own code before asking, otherwise everybody will se me as {1}!"; string randomName = names[Random.Range(0, names.Length)]; string randomMe = me[Random.Range(0, me.Length)]; string message = string.Format(template, randomName, randomMe); Debug.Log(message); }
  6. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    If at the end gameplay is there, i dont see the problem being successful on steam, graphics surely are not generic, but if its fun everything will be okay, good luck
  7. Lucky kurdish girl

    @SATORI Their government has been investing heavily in social exposure lately - imgur, facebook, reddit, you name it, i wonder if this is the case
  8. Lucky kurdish girl

    The angle of how the bullet hits the wall is quite weird, looks like perfect 90 degree angle hit - even concrete pieces jumped straight off the wall, but in the video its felt like bullet came where she shot, just like other ricochet shots on right side from her head. Any chance this might be staged? just my 2 cents
  9. Forge Networking is now free

    @SATORI Main factor is how much data are you going to send, is it real time like cs go or something more peaceful like runescape - click to point, or even more passive like blackjack/poker
  10. Forge Networking is now free

    Depends on the type of the game your building tbh
  11. Guided Missile Strike Kill Streak Script.

    You want the end result - missiles to move with slight curve or straight top down? The top down version is extremely easy, try that first, if really you cant make it ill write it for you
  12. Project MMO 2D - Concept UI

    I like this very much, keep it up
  13. Xenko Game Engine Review

    Never heard of it, will try it, thanks for the info
  14. Filter Out Names From A String Result

    Try using json, looks like ur building ur own parser