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  1. Unity3d New FPS

    Dunno why but i burst into laughter at 2:19
  2. Longer than Ulong ?

    How would you store them in any db besides memory though, parse/unparse as char array?
  3. LifeDB - Lightweight Database

    unicode is fine, just wondering how its written and the options, i also wonder if db is written heavily, you open new stream writer on every event? Maybe something like a simulated 'connection opened' option would be good, where it basically doesnt close the writer only if idle-inactive after some time
  4. LifeDB - Lightweight Database

    Ohh ok, you store them as chars or encode in binary, what about utf 16/32?
  5. LifeDB - Lightweight Database

    Cool, im actually currently in need of lightweight db on the user device to cache some misc data, im very interested in arrays and encrypting that data
  6. LifeDB - Lightweight Database

    Nice, how would you write/read and populate a string array?
  7. Antialiasing

    Disable all antialiasing in default unity settings and use post processing package stack https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/post-processing-stack-83912
  8. Create a character lock system

    This kind of solution seems very unscaleable, what if you need to insert or add new character for new app version, but there are old users with old version? (just one example) Instead i suggest creating maybe a json or xml format text and simply send that and just unparse directly to object edit: the json text could contain only character which are unlocked, so you threat the prefab array all locked by default.
  9. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    Come on guys, you are better than this. At the end of the day we have the same dreams of creating awesome games and applications, and if our opinions and approach would be the same games would be boring More love and not war
  10. Character Controller Broken

    I have similar issues, just after upgrading rigid-body colliders just flying instantly off the screen with some weird physics bound errors. But your problem sounds more like a transform parenting problem or rotation calculation error?
  11. Watch_Dogs [Free on Uplay]

    do they give you a key or just give a copy for your account?
  12. Lightmapping error

    Check if your mesh vertices are actually welded together and not just on the same spot
  13. Help with Water

    manual vertex based animations are quite expensive thats why the mesh vertex count is very low and surface gets shaded and tessellated depending on the distance, just like unity terrain
  14. Unity 2D Sprite Blurry

    Looks like you have disabled generate mip-maps and have large size, there are just too many pixels to render so it creates the saw effect. Either enable generate mip maps (if you will have zoom in-out in game) or simply set the max size to lets say 256 or 512 edit: and for such type of textures, sprite is not really required in almost all cases, you can just work with basic texture type instead of sprite
  15. Server side verification for Unity Ads

    Has anyone worked on something similar like this, official unity has an example, but php is not really my strong side. Maybe someone has example in c based language?