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  1. hi all, I have a game team. we are working on a (AA Quality) MMORPG project. I'm C# programmer (leader). I need to learn more about some Unity API's, then I'm asking some little questions in this forum (like "how can i call a function 4 times per second in Unity"). We are working on basic systems now. We have a game scenarist (like project ideas, there isn't general book yet) and he is helping us about general player controls, graphical theme and game systematics. If you are good at UnityScript (Js or C#, it doesn't matter), you can join us (after that you can ask everything about project). (Skype required). We'll be a company in the future, we have some sponsor for licenses and server host. There isn't very much thing now because this project is new. What are we looking for?: > 3D Modeller (medium level) > Unity3D Programmer (high level -for only unity API's, not networking or serverside scripts-) > 2D Graphic Artist (medium level -not professional, for only game gui's-) > Sound Editor (high level -he will make everything about sounds in the game-)
  2. hi, if i'm afk (namely if i don't press any button W-A-S-D), call a function thats working 4 times per second. is there any idea? thanks (ex: debug.log() --> this is first 0.25, this is second 0.25) i'll move a object with this. (not like lerp or smooth)
  3. hi, i'm developing a mmorpg with unity3D + SmartFox2X. i'm looking for NPCs but there isn't any tutorial. i found a serverside extension function (SFSApi().createNPC) but it can create a new player. i need to learn basic AI NPC system. can anybody help me about this? thanks
  4. hi, we are working on a MMORPG project. maybe you can join us (PM me)
  5. i'm waiting a response from OMA, sorry :I
  6. can we use this script with no referancing? namely like our's? oh edit: like own script? (free and without any user agreement)?
  7. maybe i can found a SmartFox2X user SmartFox2X is best for me. I've already asked in unity3D forums...
  8. hey, i wanna make a lobby in unity3D and i can't remove rooms from client-side. if room is empty (like: "autoRoomRemoveMode = WHEN_EMPTY"), my lobby manager will send a request to server to delete a empty room; or a client send a CreateRoomRequest(), server will handle this and creates a room (in Zone Configiration file .XML) and changes autoRoomRemoveMode to WHEN_EMPTY. I'm working on a MMOFPS project and this is our final step for finishin our lobby system completely! maybe i want everthing from you but i'm not JAVA programmer if anyone help us (me and my group) we will be happy -isn't enough? - note: i think this is a extension for handling a request. lobby send a extension request to extension for creating a room, and extension will create a room. later lobby send a extension request to extension for removing a room, and extension will remove a room. thanks all!
  9. thanks but this isn't enough! namely i can use this with and other scope camera for renderTexture. maybe this way is true but if i use this renderTexture with someting, we have shadows :S no cast shadows and use shadows false: ambient light shadows. maybe you can understand me
  10. hey, i'm looking for a way to zoom with magnify glass for my sniper. can anybody help me about this? (no gui!) ...sorry for my bad english :s
  11. i have already searched but i can't found
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