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  1. 4Echo


    Yeah, no. The model is done by me, the concept is made by a guy under the alias Samardac, which you can read the artice about-> http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/10/27/potd-ak-15-not-a-real-gun-but-i-wish-it-was/ If you want low-quality models and an arm rig with borken vertex weighing. Be my guest. Besides this model is an AK-15, not an early concept AK12. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/1739551_1000-660x356.jpg
  2. 4Echo


    Yeah, you've probably never heard of it. It's not actually a real gun just a concept made by a russian student, he originally made in it CAD and rendered it in Vray. So there's no game-ready model of it, yet. Thus why I'm making one The highpoly (still a WIP) is rendered in Keyshot modelled in 3ds max. This asset (once complete) is gonna be sold on the asset for around $200, why the high price you ask? well let me tell you. In the complete package of this AK15 you'll get the model (obviously), three texture sets (pbr metallness/pbr specular/per-pixel dynamic shading), 3 LOD's (LOD0, LOD2 and LOD3) as well as an animation set that is made upon purchase on a rig on your choice. Now is that not enough reason eh? well let me provide another one. I'm right now the one making a game-ready model this so right now I'm currently holding monopoly of the concept AK15, great right? You could ask one of your microcephalic addlepate buddies who'm only been modelling for a couple of months to give a shot, though ask yourself this. Can that buddy really make a good model with two reference images(dont except me to share the rest of them)? as well as making better textures than someone who's been doing it for 6 years? I woulnd't think so. >inb4 someone me how much of a prick I am for charghing 3 digit valued assets on middle-schoolers trying to make an innovative fps game that has "Z" at the end of it's name.
  3. 4Echo

    Ak 47 (wip)

    Check your highpoly's edge consistency, some of the edges are really sharp and creates aliasing. This wont work well then you're baking it, your topology is also off in several places. The handguard and stock are supposed to curve on the edges, not have a 45 degree sharp angle.
  4. 4Echo

    G36C (wip)

    Mind the edges, they are really sharp which wont bake good. You can tell how soft your edges need to be if you look at it in the distance and it starts aliasing. Try to avoid aliasing.
  5. 4Echo

    Spectre M4

    I followed references for this texture set. Following references when texturing and not just modelling is a vital piece to get the maximum material definiton in terms of specularity and glossiness. About the noise, picture that the gun has been tossed around for a few centuries being war-torn by different agents, I went for a more apocalyptic grunged up theme for this texture set. My original idea was to make this factory new in a contrast another texture set by a different artist. In truth (according to the references) the spectre is a bit glossier than this when it's factory new and as all materials do (especially metal) get worn as time passes. Also since this gun was manufactured in the mid-80s and that it's 2015 now most Spectres will be a bit worn. Short up, making factory new texture and making the flat surfaces look interesting is kind of hard, most areas will just look flat and boring. I usually picture that the person who is looking at the texture should be able to tell what the piece has been through, it doesn't matter if it's grungy or if it's factory new; what really matters is that areas which looks boring and flat = bad texturing.
  6. 4Echo

    Spectre M4

    Reworked my material definition for these old textures, model + bakes done my RedRogueXIII. It's still a WIP though, some of the rust/dirt is too strong and undefined 3d Preview https://skfb.ly/CMJP Edit: - added a third render showing the silencer I also forgot to tell you that no generators (dDO, sub. painter) were used to texture this. The textures that you see were made with the teqnique of photosourcing.
  7. 4Echo


    I log my time, but if the client wants to really when I'm working they can add me on steam.
  8. 4Echo


    I'm seventeen, and from what I've seen regarding the textures on this site: not impressed so far (haven't seen them all)
  9. 4Echo


    Want to hear an introduction eh? Too bad I'm telling you anyway. I'm 4Echo, a game-artist with 5 years experience within the modding community specializing in texturing but can also do animating, modelling and sound design. I offer fair rates and wont do free work. I'm currently working at Xenova Games developing the game Squad force as the lead texture artist. Previous work I've done? If you are a visitor of Gamebanana or maybe Eat3d you've probably seen my work before. But for you other people there's some pictures below. Tigg's SA80 (wip) http://imgur.com/a/VVQAH My own knife (never finished) http://imgur.com/4q97055 RedRogueXII's Spectre M4 + ingame screenshots from Counter Strike Source (weapon mod WIP, gloves also made by me) http://imgur.com/a/ORWCv IVmyLife's Benelli M4 (Squad Force) http://imgur.com/jziwCJy Knechrupert's EE-3 Carbine (Boba Fett's rifle from Star Wars) http://imgur.com/ehAG7n4 ImBrokeRU's Ru556 http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/wips/537b23493fe80.jpg mr.Rifleman's Ak74 animation (WIP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8M2yFbsUM4 Edit: Added my Ru556 texture render Some more information about me: Name: Alexander Jansson Age: 17 Occupation: Full-time student at NTI secondary upper school with the major 'Information and mediaknowledge', freelancing at Xenova games as the Lead texture artist working on Squad Force. Responsibilites: Admin at I3d, running and directing my own game modding studio called Darkside on Gamebanana working on mods for several source engine games. Past work experiences: I had a short internship (two weeks, in sweden we call it PRAO) at Overkill studios. Texture art-style: When it comes to my art-style within texturing I mainly focus on esthetics, taking into account what the players should feel like when using the weapons when I add small details. I work with both photo-sourced and brushed textures with minimal use of plugins like dDo. Having created textures for over 5 years have given me a lot of experience especially in the normal shading work-flow (Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Gloss) though I have experience within Physically based rendering aswell as the classic "painted lighting" art style. Animation art-style Animation on the other hand would be a more stylistic approach that the usual "realistic ones", I have experience with rigs with IK and Biped setups; I prefer biped. Sound art-style With my sounds I focus on a cinematic experience than the generic realistic ones, I prefer cinematic sounds though I can also make "realistic" sounds if the client wants them. Other info I offer fair rates and focus on quality before quantity, if I'm not satisfied with my work I'll re-do it untill I'm 100% satisfied with it. I expect payment in the "pay per hour" style but can also be satisfied with "pay per work done". Prices differ between textures, animations and sounds after this formula and are all depending on the size of the workload. I always log my worktime Formula for textures 1-5 hours 20$ 5-12 hours 30$ After 12 hours the price increases by 5$ every 1,5 hours Formula for animations 1-10 hours 15$ after 10 hours +2,5$ Formula for sounds Paid per work done, 2,5$ for each sound set All prices can be discussed over email or skype. Contact info: Email: 4EchoGB@gmail.com Skype: Ask in a PM //Cheers, 4Echo
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