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  1. lol wtf is that profile pic?? its like half-man half-seagull
  2. Im looking at the Generic and Himanoid Rig options, trying to figure out which is best for my situation. As I understand it, Humanoid allows for retargeting, where as generic is for all other rig types? I would guess you would use Humanoid for all your bipeds, and generic for vehicles/robots - Im currently setting up a robot, thats very humanoid, so I im wondering If I should use the Humanoid option, the robot character has all the essential bones for Humanoid an thus was given the 'all clear' checkmark. What would you guys suggest?
  3. Intresting, yea Im trying to setup a standardization for the scales tho so i dont have to worry about it once its exported from max. Ill keep that in mind tho. Aight last question (for now haha) Ive been told to rename the bip01 in max, to rootJoint which is important for Unity apparently. Do I need to also do this for all my animations cycles (we have our cycles in individual .fbx), or just the base avatar mesh? And do I only need to do this with a Biped rig, Bone rig or both?
  4. Yea its a right pain in the ass.. Ive sorta figured out a solution, for now anyways - in Command pannel >> utilities >> More >> Rescale world Unit. Seems to do the trick.
  5. Hmm, anyone know how to re-scale a skinned rig in 3ds? I attempted to simply use the scale tool, but that resulted in a seariously deformed/stretched out mesh. Perhaps I need to use some type of modifier?
  6. Hello again Armed Unity, Im in a bit of a pinch, Ive been rescaling my character models inside unity, which is apparently a big no-no. I need a character model, thats 2 units high? that I can then import into 3ds max to gauge my models scale correctly before exporting. This is a pretty simple issue I have here, and can probs find such a model by looking through the asset store, but I did try to import the constructor.fbx into max an that didnt work so ere I am seeking assistance [edit] I'd also like to get my hands on a 3 story building aswell as Im not 100% sure how big I want my mechas to be yet.
  7. Hello again, Ive got a quick question, how do you re-scale the size of a character thats already been rigged and skinned? I skinned a few of my characters some time ago, then decided would like a 20 unit height standardization for all my characters. For some reason when ever I attempt to rescale them, they stretch out like this guy..
  8. My apolagies didnt realise you could download it. Excellent stuff, time to have a look at whats going on under the hood. Cant thank you enough mate
  9. Danm thats one friendly reception! Cheers lads
  10. Cheers for responding shubham, your post has cleared up a few questions Ive had for awhile now. That said, the link you posted in response to my last 2 questions dosnt actually explain anything, just sorta seems to show off his progress. I suppose Its comforting to know it can be done, just seems like a bit of a tease haha. But yeah I getcha, moar pratice is needed
  11. Ive a few questions regarding the character model and its animations. This is for my 3rd person/rts hybrid http://www.moddb.com/mods/wargame-2073-ad When you export an animation (In this instance using 3ds max), should it contain the character model, or just the character skeleton? Do they both need to be the same size? Will a character model thats 100 units high and an animation/skeleton thats 200 units high work togeather? When you rig your biped characters (for a 3rd person shooter), would you suggest rigging the characters fingers? Ive rigged/skinned my characters fingers, but now thinking about it, that might be overkill. When I export my character model, should I also Include his gun, or do I just parent that to my character in unity? How do you get the upperbody aim animations to follow mouse look? Are there any pay-for or similar quality tutorials for Blending upperbody and lower body animations using Unitys Additive Animation Layers?
  12. Hello Armed Community, Im a UK based artist, using Blender and Photoshop to create models/textures and 3ds Max to rig, skin and animate. Ive finally gotten all the core asset creation tools under my belt so now its time to dive into Unity. Ive little experience with JS and C#, so Im hoping uScript can help make things a bit easier. Ive also got a bit of experience with Unity, having built some very simple games (space invaders) some years back, but its been awhile so Im a lil rusty. You guys are doing some great work here, especially evident by your active community. Look forward to working with you all. Neptune
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