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  1. Maybe something like The Forest trailers. Cool action scene, then a quick black screen with loud dramatic music. Then another, and another and so on.
  2. Ok, Ill keep my eye on DayZ. Hopfully it will be on a stea sale his christmas, or halloween.
  3. Hey guys, So I just got a new PC and I am looking to find a cool free roam survival game to play with some of my friends. I like the look of DayZ but I do not think that its worth the price atm. We all Like The forest, but Multiplayer is not out yet. Unturned got boring pretty fast Contagion is fun, but it's not free roam D: Does anyone have any ideas? It snows where we live in Canada pretty early (Like right after Halloween) So we wont be able to do anything outside soon We would like to try and find a good survival horror free roam game, with Multiplayer. Thanks in advanced!
  4. I don't really understand the question xD
  5. The actual "Survival" Part. I like survival games to have crafting, hunting, creating, combat, and survival Not sure if it quite makes sense, Oh and level design is also very important.
  6. Nice, what's your technique for making your characters?
  7. mother of god... I wonder what he used to make them they're awesome.
  8. wow, looks awesome.
  9. I support this
  10. Can't tell what the game is about xD
  11. Cool
  12. What doesn't it have to do with the Illuminati???