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  1. it looks kinda weird with the turbosmooth/ subsurf on, clean the edges a bit other than that its looking solid
  2. Jesus this is amazing! Kojima productions like work right here!
  3. Darkrai531

    Guns that i made

    nice but scar iron sights are incorrect and i think you messed up your normals for the m1911
  4. Darkrai531


    looks like a blocky weapon from combat arms
  5. thats not how it works
  6. Interior asi in a scene or a full model of the train?w interior included
  7. Darkrai531


    This looks really good! looking forward to it man!
  8. Darkrai531

    m1911-A1 Wip

    Nice job with the details in the normals, but i think you should lower the size of the pattern in the grip, it looks weird
  9. maybe practice more then sell your services, looks too low quality to be sold dude js
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