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  1. fps

    In the video when you change guns your arms change skin too?? And what do you plan on doing that makes it different/unique? Other then that it does look very good and I hope for the best
  2. If you're ever wondering if something is trade marked, you could do a quick search here but if you're able to I heavily suggest going to a Trade-Mark lawyer and getting more details about it
  3. Added new info to the post
  4. @UnityGamesRoland You have to start somewhere, not everyone is going to have the best equipment but he is doing his best with he has and I respect that. @MarcoGuy1 I never used the AU Kit but if that's your own UI then that's pretty amazing. When using a kit >build< your project from it not just use the kit. Start adding custom models, more vehicles, different weapons, different maps, and so much more. I'll be very interested in this project if you start to build off your game with such much more features and it'd be even more amazing if you replace the whole kit itself with your own stuff. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see where this project goes.
  5. @geckoo My plan is after I finally set up the base of the website, I want to start partnering with stores and suppliers to supply the store but the shop will be more focused on what creators are selling and not our suppliers. I want to get a part of the store for suppliers so it opens up the website for cool products that you can look at while surfing through the creations being sold by the brilliant people who made them. I'm not expecting the site to blow up quick so I'm building it up for it to success over time and being able to build the trust with the community.
  6. @SmokeyKilla We use paypal as a payment method and the vendor as access to the information the customer gives to the vendor. Customers have the ability to give the vendor only the necessary information and nothing more. The disclaimer is there because a lot of the products will not be sold through us so we are making sure we can't be in trouble for a scam from a vendor but we will make sure the vendor who did the wrongdoing is pursued legally. So we're not liable but we will crack down on scams. Lets say a customer buys a $30 product from your store, first what happens is the 30$ goes to our paypal and the website is set everyday to give you the 95% commission of the $30. We act more like a middle man to make sure the customer isn't getting scammed, we also if needed can hold back payments to the vendor if customer never gets their product. The theme is a WIP and I hope pretty soon I can get a better one made. @geckoo Thank you and my goal is not to become some big name but just a place people can trust to sell their products (physical or virtual) and the customer can also trust not to be scammed. @themars2011 Overtime the site formed into what it is now and the whole time it has been using wordpress. I haven't found anything wrong with wordpress yet and I'm constantly making sure everything running smoothly and the moment I feel like wordpress cant be trusted I'll instantly shut it down until the problem is fixed.
  7. So I always had this idea what I wanted to do, I wanted to create a place for players or creators to meet with other players or creators. Over time I been setting up Project Austin Gaming to be just Game development but decided that I wanted to change that. This month I turned 18 and decided to start putting a lot more time into Project Austin Gaming. I'm setting up Project Austin Gaming to be a social and economy website, a place where people can meet and a place where people can sell their products on our site. We only take 5% commission. Becoming a Vendor requires you to be registered member of the site, after that you must apply to be a Vendor (we will approve it, I have it that way so no bots can spam the shops). It is possible to lose your Vendor license on our side or even a account ban or a total no access to our side. Our site is brand new and would love to hear feedback from the Armedunity community, I'd love to hear advice on various things around the website and I'll do my best to improve the site to where everyone is comfortable to use our side. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So after a while I been working on the site and realized it was impossible to have a social and ecommerce site into one (well for one guy at least). So right now I'm working on setting up the site to sell Amazon products. Gaining a Vendor License (a license to sell on our site) is still available. People wanting to sell Unity related products email me at If you want to earn higher commission on your products also email and we can set up a deal. My goal is to let the people have the chance to game the system so they can sell their products and earn the best deal. I'd love to continue to hear advice from the ArmedUnity community on ways to improve the site! Have a great day!!! Link to site -