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  1. It's alpha so I can see why you got bored. The cannibals are cool but too easy to kill not with the axe but with the Molotov cocktails and the touch fires the flare gun the explosives. After that they don't respawn so, I built a little village with a garden and a few log cabins 2 lol some Hunter shelters and a wall all the way around...then the memory leak popped up and. I couldn't move much so I went to the plane and there were hundreds of cannibal heads just rolling around on the ground. Causing bad lag. But I ain't mad it's a alpha I didn't expect to see and do everything perfectly yet. In time it will be a sick game.
  2. To bad it's broken. Not being able to save and load games sucks lol. And it's got a bad memory leak. Other than that it's a blast till the naked chick kills you lol
  3. Just got it and it's pretty fun so far...damn cannibalism lol. The flare gun is glitched lol it's full auto lol.
  4. It released on steam was wondering what it's like? Looks sweet on twitch!
  5. This works after 3 yrs nice lol
  6. Might be because this is from last year. In August
  7. Was on my phone gotta love auto correct. Lol
  8. Jimmy Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix and Eddie VanHalen...sorry I'm old lol.
  9. Have a good one OMA Happy bday!
  10. Very cool, talented people here your gonna like it welcome.
  11. Hmm i wonder if there has ever been a ArmedUnity community project? Would be cool to see all the diffrent flavors everyone would bring to the table.

  12. Works great very nice work.
  13. This is going to work perfect for me. And thank you for the support. You have helped me over another hurdle. Great work!
  14. Very nice gonna be a cool game
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