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  1. wow love the kit, I payed for the pro subscription just to use this.
  2. does this work with maps? i made a few maps in CSS before and dont want to remake with a new 3d modeling program
  3. are you Ready for a lesson... IN PAIN but ya that build was made on my PC at collage and I exported from the wrong unity but has since been fixed
  4. https://yadi.sk/d/oqpDTWXWYy8TL the fixed link the one you posed has a typo thanks for the share
  5. holy shit as of right now the game is rank 29 on indieBD http://www.indiedb.com/games/top I'm crying from happiness
  6. Lol some one made a montage of the v5 Update, V6 is live now with a lot of fixes and new level http://youtu.be/cLv7KSGVuhI
  7. Why did you AIm only 360 no Scp Scrub bukkt, n00B
  8. ya its a joke game. me and a few friends from uni decided to make a shooter that's all "360NOSCOPE NOOB FTW FAZE 1337" and we are new to unity so we got a kit and have been playing with it this was made. we posted on our school blog a lot of people loved it so i shared
  9. and its being used in a parody, under fair-use (in regards to pycosocial and the games maps)I hope to replace everything with original content as i go along and i update the game as i go.
  10. The music is remixed version of pycosocial yes but it is over 40% remixed (copyright law says it can be used but not for profit) and the rest of the songs are original songs by the band mortiflux with their consent , as for the volume I apologize and am trying to learn to add the volume control in the player (I'm still very new to this) and the reason I use dubstep is it fits the atmosphere I'm trying to make (that of being a COD player going pro)
  11. Hey I'm new to MP games so i got the FPS kit version 2 from asset store and have been trying to mod it to be an ok game but it turned mad and i gave up and made something beautiful. not much is changed from the kit but i update regularly as i understand more and have been trying to make this game my own and not some kit clone. http://gamejolt.com/games/shooter/mlg-swag-fan-game/37409/ but here is the link please feel free to play and give your opinion on what i should add and such
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