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  1. This was posted years ago, been using it since I first found it.
  2. Humble Book Bundle

    I have this link open all the time to check for the daily deals, it changes each day (right now it is GitHub Essentials) mostly it is python stuff but once in a while you get some good find, like the Unity 5.x Shader Cookbook I got
  3. keycode and ui button

    It seems you don't know how the UI system in Unity works, I would start looking at that... Regardless, instead of checking for a Input event, just create a function that does what the button should do and make it public. Then in the inspector create the button, and in the "OnClick" assign the script and select the correct function.
  4. fbx issues with blender

    I don't think I can be much help as your model is animated, but during my course work we had to model on Maya but I thought I would be a bit sneaky and do it blender then export it from maya after, and after ages trying to get it to work I only managed to get Obj formats working, which don't store animation data :/ Without the Autodesk plugin blenders core fbx loader might not work on the same structure and only Obj formats have a fixed standard. Best thing I can think of is to import it as an Obj, then import the rig with the dae format and bind it back to the mesh.
  5. Pixel Art

    Check out this video that shows the work flow really well (although this is much more detailed pixel art)
  6. Pixel Art

    I did a pixel are project for uni once, I used photoshop, set up a small canvas (so like 16x16 for 16 bit or 32 x 32 for 32bit etc) then zoomed in so it fill the screen, then just use the default brush on a small setting to fill in each pixel. best thing to do is to look at what you want to make and just try and recreate the shape in a flat color, add a darker color outline. then start to add detail shapes, then shading.
  7. Hello guys

    If you are looking for a FPS game to play with friends, you can head over to to play OneManArmys fps
  8. Hello guys

    Interested to know what you will do with such a project as this is a forum for developers, not potential asset flippers.
  9. Hi everyone, I am Calum and as the title says I am a full time student and programmer. What I mean by this is that I have been a professional programmer for 5 years working 9am to 6pm 5 days a week. the past 2 years I have been taking time off work in large chunks to attend university doing a programming degree, but as soon as I am back home from uni I am back to working full-time. So basically all I ever do is program but never on what projects I actually want to be working on! Due to all this I avoid programming in my rare free time to give my self a break, but have always wanted to work on some of ideas I have but never felt up to making a team as people will always push me to do work on it when I simply do not feel up to it. Any way, welcome to the Busy People team!
  10. Weapon Sway

    I agree, although it is a little sad a 27 year old (assuming the date of birth on his profile is correct) acting like this :/
  11. Failed to build the game

    Editor scripting can be confusing and working on something like this is difficult. But I am afraid it looks like you need to re-wire all of this as you keep trying to access Editor Scripts from non-editor scripts, which can not be done
  12. Failed to build the game

    No need to access editor source code. You can build a window that displays and edits weapons. but currently he has runtime scripts calling functions from Editor scripts, this needs to be the other way around. You have editor scripts that call function in run time scripts (this requires the [ExecuteInEditMode] tag).
  13. Failed to build the game

    Oh so I just saw that the errors are due to trying to access EditorUtil from MonoBehaviour classes. This goes back to what I said before. A script inside an "Editor" folder does not get compiled into the game, due to this you can not call function inside it from MonoBehaviour classes as it does not exist in the project, only within the editor. you need to rethink the whole structure of what you are working on. Think of it this way. Editor script can access the project as they are used at Editor Time. But as Editor scripts are not compiled into the builds any non-editor script can not access editor script. Due to this run-time scrips simply think that editor scripts do not exist which is the error you are getting. Editor Scripts -> Runtime Scripts -> Scene. So Editor Scripts can access Runtime scripts and runtime scripts can access the scene, but this can't go the other way. The scene its self has no control over the scripts and Runtime Scripts can not access or control the editor.
  14. Failed to build the game

    Without testing this my self I can be sure. But, I think this is because your script is a static script outside of Mono's range. What happens if you inherit from Editor? public class FPSStyles : Editor {
  15. Failed to build the game

    Well without seeing the entire project at this stage I can't give you any exact solution. But as a rule, All scripts that have the line "using UnityEditor;" must be in a "Editor" folder. Scripts in the editor folder can not be accessed by scripts outside the editor folders. If you are trying to create a window for this then then normally this would all be in a single script and everything to do with it needs to be in folders named "Editor".