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  1. hello karan welcome to armedunity
  2. everything included in html. what you need for make a website.why should i make html website instead of wix and webly? ? . webly and wix also made in html, php etc.
  3. hmmm.. after admin panel i surely work on css. and thanks for the website fondation.zurb.com i m searching for something like this
  4. hey hello, here is my website http://abdulhakim.x10hostinger.net/ which i created for my game studio now the admin panel is work in progress http://abdulhakim.x10hostinger.net/insert_post.php some features : blog system, comment system, comment approvall, search system, etc... the css are just place holder .. so.. how was that? suggestions and feedback are always apreciated
  5. just cast my vote for cold bodies , the first scene (sound + animation ) was nice. i played it 800* resulotion and at low graphic. becoz it fed all my ram . decent gameplay , some minor bugs.. but for a alpha version its a ok game. my rating for cold bodies 8 out of 10 ...
  6. guys which one can give realtime reflection @jack1012, nah i think aspect view is not proper solution for car games,
  7. oh Thanks anyway... in unity all cool stuff required pro , hope in future unity gives some pro feature to indie
  8. hello friends , is that possible to create mirror in unity indie, if yes then How?
  9. hey buddy welcome to armed unity
  10. abdul

    US Football Player

    theses is awsome !!!!!!!!
  11. you can use 3ds max here are some examples https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVt5Bo6R98tCVSqqo1zK8o28OpUoBkr4G
  12. i also installed 4.5 few days ago hehehe
  13. hey ! welcome brother its plesure to meet some experinced programmer,,
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