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  1. It would fit a cartoony game thats for sure! Good work!
  2. Ambush Spray DeltaSquad : Ambush Rush Sprayout : Law Squad Idk xD Just sit down and thing for an hour
  3. Welcome! And I can see from avatar that you play dota! Right?
  4. I need some help can someone solve this i keep getting wrong answer 16x-17*4x+16=0 Answer suppost to be x1= 0, x2= 2 Heres my try: (4x)2-17*4x+42=0 4x=a a2-17a+16=0 (x1)2=16 (x2)2=1 x1=4 x2= 1 x(1;4) Halp
  5. It's pretty easy for me too, Its all about picking the right heroes to encounter enemies and in higher level games It will get harder because everyone will be at same skill as you are.
  6. I must say that Dota have a multiple community types and the one I dislike is low-level community. Most of them going to blame for your mistakes, but i think It will get better once you get into the higher level games
  7. Oh btw about the con you just mentioned, I think thats the most interesting part of the game, Its about picking the right heroes that can help you and your team encounter enemy heroes. It's more a positive than a negative thing to me, atleast thats what i think.
  8. Yeah there are alooot of free heroes to choose from, that best fits your play style and each of them are unique ! My personal favorites are Shadow Fiend(Nethermore), Puck, Rubick, Tiny and Pudge
  9. I agree with you but some people dont like that(im not one of them I like "hard to learn") I just putted this in negative section just to warn those people
  10. Note if you hate MOBA's Please still take your time and read this review, maybe It will catch your interest Hard time to master, yet glorious and astonishing Valve has been know as a company that creates a lot of successful titles such as Half-Life, Counter Strike series and Team fortress 2 and I'm proudly presenting their latest work DOTA 2 which is in other word "Defense of the Ancients 2", however the credit for the intimidatingly complex design of Dota 2 belongs to the original Defense of The Ancients mod (known as DOTA) for Warcraft 3, which kicked of the MOBA genre. Dota 2 have become notorious even among its MOBA's peers for its difficulty. "It's a double-edged sword that leads to both a terrifying introduction and a world-class competitive game at the highest levels" -IGN As such, you should not expect to have fun your first day playing, or even your first week. That surely sounds like a cardinal sin of gaming, but there's method to this madness. Dota2 is deeply layer construct of systems, and to survive you need to understand every single one and how they interact with one another. Dota 2 is sort of a combination of football and soccer for the Americans, and Chess, this is how i would probably explain Dota to someone else. It's a game of momentum, you as five players, trying to battle against other five players momentum. Every single player controls one unit and the main objective of the game is to destroy the main enemy building which is called the Ancient, everything else that happens in the mean time is your amazing filler of the game. You will learn everything from learning to work as a member of coordinated team to the counter-intuitive practice of killing your own AI units to deny enemy experience points and gold they'd get from doing it themselves, and understanding the effects of hundreds of complex abilities like Bloodseeker's Rupture ( which deals huge damage with every step you take) is a big barrier to entry. Even figuring out which of the heroes ( and countering) fits you best is a time-consuming challenge. Dota 2 have only map that you will play hundreds of times but it never gets boring. Initially, you're thrown intro the deep end to flounder, trying out any hero that makes the slightest bit of sense. The selection is bewildering: playing as Riki with his permanent invisibility from level 6 on is an obvious choice, as it's hard to kill what you can't see, but the more you play the more ways you will learn how to encounter him. Drow Ranger, perhaps, with her obscene damage the instant she unlocks her "ultimate" ability at level 6, and her slowing Ice Arrows that enable both escapes and setting up a kill. One of the more complex end of the spectrum, you have choises like the armour-manipulating Templar Assasin, or the incredibly mobile Storm Spirit, who can dart around the battlefield and avoid damage by simply not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. On top of that are well over 100 items to choose from within each game, each with own ways of manipulating and enhancing your stats and suite of active mobilities. Your learning has just begun when you're settled on what roles, heroes, and builds suit you best - you also have to adapt based on what other players choose. If the team plays Riki, you need to compensate with an emphasis on detection. Go up against Bloodseeker and his hideously powerful Rupture will force you to carry around a Town Portal to get home in a hurry. This is a balancing system that could exist in a game where everybody has access to all heroes, and Valve wisely obliges. All of Dota 2, including its growing cast of 102 characters, is available from the moment you compete the all-too-brief tutorial. And that delicate system can only survive if the items for sale have zero affect on gameplay. Likewise, Valve recognized that less is more when it comes to unlockables. There's no progression outside the game that will have slightest mechanical effect inside of it. Without artificial goals to aim for, the matches are left with strong and refreshing sense of fairness and purity, where's everything that can influence success or failure is right there on the battlefield and in your head, every player is important in your team and everyones survivability is based on each other, It's game that requires full teamwork and a lot of communication If you want to win. As I mentioned before It's like a chess, If you're going to make a wrong move, you can heavily impact your game or even lose it. Verdict: Amazing! +Deeply rewarding +Incredible longevity +Hugely varied +Completely free -Tough to learn I'll rate this 9.5 out of 10 Also i Suggest watching a documentary made by valve, very interesting:
  11. I never tried to use it and i want some help how can i transform this: GUI.Box (new Rect(Event.current.mousePosition.x, Event.current.mousePosition.y,200,300), tip); and/or GUI.Button (new Rect (10, 10, 100, 100), weapon_icon [ID]) To Unity new GUI?
  12. Rust developers where talking about this on trello board a while ago idk how to fix it but they pointed some other ways of doing it.
  13. Is it normal that i cant sleect objects in editor view? Only in hierarchic ;\ Can i fix that somehow?
  14. I like everyone, but my favorite one is "Trapper" ^^
  15. Is this a good example of a plan?
  16. Hello Im curious what method is the best for melee system for swords? Like if you swing a sword and it touches multiple enemies, it will harm them all. mmm Is it with colliders or something? or raycast?
  17. Hello, I want to cover a very important topic for today. I've been using unity for quite a while actually, like ~3 years and I noticed one thing, one little thing that keeps affecting me, when ever I start a new project, I'm like "Yay this is gonna be interesting", most fun i have in begging, I create with a knowledge that I know, but later on...When i get to the part in which I dont know ANYTHING, like by saying anything I mean anything, I just stop, Its not interesting for me for some reason, so my question to you, how can I not give up? Maybe I should work on more simple projects? Because I'm always picking very large ones and doing everything alone and at some point I just stop ;[ Sincerely, -Giltine528
  18. Holy sh*t that are some fancy animations and editing! Loved the part with the sniper! GL in project
  19. I know the basic part for example using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Core : MonoBehaviour { public string actualtex; public string tilesetname; public GameObject cube; void Start () { } void Update () { actualtex = Resources.Load("Textures/" + tilesetname) as Texture; cube.renderer.material.mainTexture = actualtex; } void OnGUI() { tilesetname = GUI.TextField(new Rect(10, 10, 200, 20), tilesetname, 25); } } It works in editor, I put a texture in to resources folder but I want to do same in my Build like to create a directory and then put textures in it, launch the game and load them via string like these ones
  20. Hello i want to ask about a few things. I want to make that if I build my game(theres and .exe and Data folder) how can i make that It creates another folder or would be possible to put in any existing folder any texture that can later on be loaded in the actual game through the string name and apply it to model? Any ideas how can i do it?
  21. Hello i just saw this and... I want to know how they make the camera animations, like do they animate it inside of unity? or they animate camera in blender for example? If so, how can i make my camera follow the camera that I animated inside blender?
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