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  1. Hello! So Valve Is hosting an E-Sports even an decided to create a Short-Film contest I've worked On this video a lot and I hope you will enjoy it! LETS MAKE IT TO THE TOP GUYS RATE IT UP IN STEAM PLEASE Vote/Watch link for the video right here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448557376 THANK YOU! Youtube Link:
  2. Some game still have decent story. And the lack of good story game nowadays is because they are not basing on any books, the game story that is based on the book is the good story.
  3. Sweet, Will try to watch if possible
  4. giltine528


    Very interesting and eye-friendly game keep up the good work!
  5. Yeah, I think rain and wetness makes every game more beautiful, some of the examples are watch dogs and any other game that have rain xD
  6. Changed environment into the sunny day to see how It looks like
  7. HELLO! I was bored and thought I should go back in to unity for a while so yeah, was messing around with visuals and Got pretty nice results i must say. Tried to create rainy environment, let me know what you think about it Also improved melee system, now different attacks have different range + you dont attack instantly anymore, now you attack based on animation position which makes more sense. Anyways, Im thinking to add more gore into other update and make AI that can be torn down to peaces. The knife model, neither hands are not made by me, just for placeholders and for visual looks +Added silly thing when your knife gets bloody you automatically clean it off with animation Video 1:06 Cya In the next post! Update* Thinking of adding little gamemode 5vs5 knife battle You pick up a knife of your liking, each of them have different advantages and disadvantages(speed,damage,movement speed, and so on) and you battle for most kills
  8. Its for single player use
  9. So I need A little bit of understanding for this? I gonna say my method and maybe you say if its goods or if theres a better solution for this. So my solution is: If the player(who have player name on it) hits the enemy, enemy registers the last player who he was hit by. If he enemy dies he sends players string name to global kill counter(if counter doesn't find anyone with that name he creates a new section in the list) who have two variables, player name and kills(int), and add one kill to the kills int. Will this method work or theres a better solution for this?
  10. P.S noticed that on camera, below HDR checkbox it says: "info: renders Depth and Depth Normal textures"
  11. Hello, today I encountered a slight problem I was working on a project and then it crashed, and colors messed up, So i removed all the image effects and re-added them again. But It didnt looked the same as Before, why? The main problem that colorStretch doesnt work anymore somehow :\ Heres how it looked before: After: And all the settings are the same I didnt changed anything
  12. Go back to EA and force their employees to make a great game in one week, and on a First day he... (Make it 7 days, like in Bible xD)
  13. Jack was happy, but then he realized...
  14. He's EA manager that appeared out of nowhere...
  15. Minimal bugs, responsive and understandable
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