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  1. I made a video for kenny'S our awp Veteran in cs go pro community!
  2. Thanks for feedback Btw the number is picked digitally in random.org
  3. Hmm, but If I pick same one every time, wouldn't I have the more chance because perhaps that number will roll out one day?
  4. Hmm, a qeustionhad stuck in my mind recently about randomness and getting the value For exampel there's 1000 participans every lottery, It draws random number every time and then the person with that number wins the lotterry. Do I have a higher chanse to win the lottery when: 1. I pick the same number every time, for example 364. 2.Picking random number every time 3.Picking a slightly different number every time, for example previously I picked 364, now 367, 359, etc... 4.They are all equal.
  5. That's a lot you are asking for.
  6. Atm this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoass6XxJw
  7. DMG don't really play good tbh, still need to carry them, the real difference is noticeble at LE.
  8. As a "Video editing" hobbits I really like this trailer, well made transitions and sound design
  9. How so? U can see her Father and mother at the beginning of the game, in one room where they lie on the floor all bitten up and dead
  10. Actually I'm DMG and my friend is LE xD Strange right?
  11. We had such fun back then and I hope you did too when you were watching this video Peace!
  12. Totally agree on Connors Fact
  13. Hey dude, I will tell you how the legit email should look like. The person who sent you a message must have hes full name Letter should begin with introduction and end with ending word such as, "Best regards", "Cheers" and so on. Like a real formal letter, they should link you the website of their company, and give a little introduction about them. And no one talks about money in emails, there should be personal meeting where you discuss about your paycheck. They should also give u address and name of company, as well as their phone number. Hope I helped.
  14. Your card at this price is the best in this situation.
  15. Whoa, awesome! I can imagine that that wasn't an easy thing to do ;o Btw It's really an enjoyable gamemode ^^
  16. So I bough h1z1 with my friend reccently and I really enjoyed Battle Royale gamemode What Battle Royale is? Its like Hunger Games, ~170 people, 85 teams of 2 people, all of them are dropped out from sky with parachute in certain locations. When landed, everyone goes to the houses to find guns and medical stuff, Which is one of most important part of the game, who finds the gun first, survives. Then after couple of minutes, map area is decreasing in size and releasing toxic gas in marked locations, and every 2-5 minutes it decreases in size over and over again, till its like ~100 meters long. Before this win I also won the solo Battle royale which was also intense Heres the ending wehre we fought against the other team who survived ​
  17. Been enjoying it Looks simple to eye and the new browser is fast as f*ck
  18. Ahh good times, Ive played a lot of Runescape
  19. Hello, Im here to as a few questions So...Im entering the 12th grade and It's time to think what should I study at the university, so currently in my mind is Programming just because I love working with unity 5, I love the feeling when every time i write a script and It works like a charm, or solving a mystery on why my script doesn't work and so on...You get the point, so my question is which profession should I take? And in general Is it a great job? (In needs,good payment)
  20. giltine528

    How lucky am I?

    Awesome! I was pretty lucky too! Ive got an offer to work with Black Shell Media to grow my games audience,BUT i was so stupid and deleted game a few months ago...
  21. I would like to see how you try making a 360 with one swipe in cs:go with 1.00 sensitivity and 800dpi It requares 2 swipes
  22. Correct me if im wrong, You only need a web designer? Because it seems interesting and I might want to help I can: Write codes in c# and js model, but its like meh for me texture Game design (Balancing stuff)
  23. Yea, look at the end of the video, as soon as i started jumping i rotated 180 very quickly and then did 180 again, so thats a 360 ^^
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