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  1. Very satisfying melodies, recommend to check it out!
  2. Hello! Need:Animator Optional:Modeller Today I've got an idea that I would like to make alive! As you know I love unity and I love creating videos and what I've got is an excellent idea! Ive only created non animated scenes in unity about one game that im in love with here is some of my work: http://imgur.com/nPEVX2z 70K Views! O_O http://imgur.com/ZjxwgFO http://imgur.com/evdSCcl So here is the deal! I have the models, I have voice acting sounds I have the knowledge to make scene look pretty and I have editing skills, what I only need is an animator who could do the rest of the job. The plot is simple and It will take only from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Here is a rough artwork for the idea http://imgur.com/sFUhQkO. Pretty simple action in the scene, and I need them made pretty smoothly! If you are more interested about the idea, here it is(Lore from the game): Pugna is the hero that live in the nether reaches, and according to story Viper(the pet next to him near the throne) was his pet once and managed to get out of his curse. This is the main point of our video, I want to re-imagine and re-create the idea on how did he got free. Im planning to release video on youtube and spread it in reddit! Hopefully someone will be interested!
  3. Lol he even disliked my video, how sad ​
  4. It's not over reacting, I'm just responding to his statement. Is it wrong that I want to discuss? ^.^
  5. Not trying to offend you, but in my humble opinion this is the most retarded comment I've seen in my posts in the whole history of armedunity website. Sorry for triggering your inner teen soul and for that, let me explain everything to your young mind. What made you think That I invented this "thing"? Did I mentioned somewhere that I am the original creator of this idea? And there's not even a thing(besides young stupid kids) such as he/she is the inventor of that idea. Even if they are the first to post the idea about central aiming doesn't mean that they invented that, yes they published first, BUT THEY DIDNT INVENTED THAT. Others companies had this thing years ago. And yes, I did get this "idea" from them. And what I only wanted to do is to test my skills and knowledge if I would be able to do this and after a minor success I wanted to share with you guys and get some feedback! So next time before posting your "smart and intellectual" comment, think about it first. Sincerely -Your "mom"
  6. Was bored, so I thought why not to experiment something with unity, so I hopped in and started to think of an ideas. Apparently oen came up to my mind about the shooting mechanics in fps. Most of them use rays from camera center( which is fine). But I thought to my self, why not add a little bit of depth to shooting and pice it up with some "Aiming deadzone" which games such as Red orchestra have. So here It is, It not the final version though, because there's always something new to discover and add up. Credits to OMA for FPS kit sounds and particle effects!
  7. I dont have enough time for all of the homework dude, thats why im asking for help
  8. I don't really a lot of time so I need someone who attended programming class in 11-12 grade I have one task to do So the main theme is to do numbers into the existing array Task is 1) Everyone during basketball competition wears shirts with different numbers, which are not necessary in the right order. Competition commentators always receive the list of the players who are going to play during that competition, which are made in the correct order(from 1 to >) according to their numbers. At the start of the Competitions season one team had added some new players to their team, who each received their shirts with not occupied numbers. Make a program, which fortifies team member list, dedicated to commentators. Create functions: 1. Read Data from files to arrays 2.Use values(voids I believe) for adding numbers into the array(from second array add numbers to first array) 3.Obtained answers print out to the .txt file using functions(void) Starting file: Result: 8 1 2 5 6 9 10 12 15 1 2 4 5 6 8 9 11 12 15 _______________ 3 8 11 4
  9. This is actually really good @trollnonimo14
  10. I need help with one task: Theme is in topics name btw I need to find function y=f(x) derivative, when f(x)=SQRT(x)*(x^2+2x) the answer is f '(x)=SQRT(x)(2,5x+3) I just need the whole solution, on how they've done it
  11. Holy moly! That's a decent asset right there, well done!
  12. Good work but, don't use that name please, there are 1000 game with that style where you put Z at the end, its overused and not original ^^
  13. Hey, wanted to start a topic on movies, since I recently enjoyed watching some of it, couple of them stuck in my mind as they were really good so I though I would share them. Feel free to share your recently liked movies or your most beloved ones My recommendations of movies I recently watched are: 1# One of these movies who will stuck in your mind, thinking about what happened, and the whole plot-twists in movie are so awesome! All of my friends seem to like it and Its one of these movies who can be called "Mindfuck" One of the best movies seen so far 2#​ This movie is more of a calm one, easy o watch and understand, also very interesting, the whole story and stuff, a good movie to watch! 3# If you're a fan on actions movies I don't recommend it , Its for the people who like Drama/Thriller/Mystery films I don't want to spoil anything, but trust me its a good movie ^^ 4# I don't need to describe this master peace 5# Very good movie with great actors! Don't have time to write it, so just trust me on this!
  14. I use win10, and to be honest It's not that different from Win7, yes It have dx12, yes it have "fast" browser, but It have some issues like sometimes the programs wont close, bug your pc that you cant turn on any other programs afterwards and then you would have to restart your pc in order to use it again, some games are not supported well, csgo for example, sometimes It wont open and freeze your pc, and no Its not my pc problem, because It worked perfectly on Win7, user interface is nice, although a little on a small side, turn off spying options as the @snxone mentioned above me. All in all Its a great OS and Microsoft will force us all to switch it over at some point, because they have a power to do so, so nevertheless you should give It a try, If you don't like it you have 30 days backup of your old windows version( don't forget to delete (if you seem to enjoy Win10 superiority), because it occupies your computer space) but In my humble opinion Win7 Will be the best OS in my hearth and Billy(Don't ask what is that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )and I wish I could bring my lil baby (win7) back, but I can't because Win10 hype forced me to delete my backup files on the first day, that shows how Microsoft is a great company at making the book cover good, but the pages itself a toilet paper for your butt cheeks(Or even sandpaper(Don't even try to wipe your but with that, trust me, or do it for curiosity)). So yeah, don't ask why I wrote such a long comment that most of you won't even to bother reading it, I simply wanted to let my English letters spilled out.
  15. I have a slight problem, when I parent FP controller(unities default controller) to an , moving object, fpcontroller don't move with it for some reason, even though he is 100% parented with platform he keeps slipping out of it. Why?
  16. The recoil that was shown in a video would be realistic if the gun was fired from an childs arms, But for soldier(I assume you want to use soldier as a player not a child) it would be much lower and barely noticeable, just like @themars2011 showed in the video, other than that, great job on the video!
  17. Image: ​Btw second question when do we write ] / ) in interval notation?
  18. Just as you wrote the answer I figured it out xD Thank you very much! I've got one more question (theme is Inequality quadratics) on the graph f(x)​ when should I put transparent circle and when do I put the full one? If you don't get what I am asking I'll rewrite my question better
  19. ps I know for example at a that x=0 and x= 8 and at b x=0 x= 2 but I don't get the whole aanswer writing part, why in a) they added infinity part? and why at b ) theres no infitinity +- part?
  20. Hey I skipped one lesson and now I have a problem can someone please explain me how to write the answer and solution? I know how the whole process goes a) x^2-8x>=2 x(x-8)>=0 But what should I do next? P.S it says that the answer is (-Infinity:0] U [8;+infinity] and x^2-2x <= 0 x(x-2) <= 0 answer is [0;2] Please explain me the solution and the answer part Thanks!
  21. Hey, I stumbled across the raw(uneditted footage) 3 videos taht contain,1 actor cam,2 actor cam, and far away cam. And I thought I would give a try and edit this Tell me what you think
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