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  1. giltine528


    Very interesting project, hope to see some more progress video in the future, keep it up!
  2. That worked perfectly, thanks mate!
  3. giltine528

    Agent questions

    So this problem occured to me. I want all of the agents to attack different parts of the wall, but they instead focus on the center of the model so it ends up like that, any advice, I use raycast to make them stop when they hit the wall, so maybe I can make like 3 destinations and pick a random one?
  4. Yeah i solved it, I simplified the formula. Then as you can see b-phone number digit is between the interval of 0-9, and the c-age is between 1-100. In those two loops you use simplified formula and see when(idk how to say it in english) there are no numbers after comma(like 2.00,500.00, and 2.05, 500.30 would be bad) after that we have our b and c. What is left is a and we get it after putting b and c into formula. And poof, we are done.
  5. "Loopception now in theaters! Will the main protagonist be able to escape a loop in loop that is in another loop."
  6. "i" is The loop of all loops, the beginning which adds a new element to the "a" with a formula and "l" is the loop which adds numbers to the "b" array that are missing in the "a" array. So thats why i am checking if the element that I am adding to "b" array exist in "a" array or not #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> // for std::find #include <iterator> // for std::begin, std::end using namespace std; int top(int stack[]) ; int main(){ int n, a[10000]={0,2,3,4,7,13,15},b[10000]={0,1,5,6,8,9,10}, b_count; bool lol; cin >> n; if(n<7) { cout << a[n] <<"_" <<b[n]; } else{ for(int i=7;i<=n;i++) { if(i==7) b_count=7; a[i]=b[i-1]+b[i-3]; int sk=a[i]-b[b_count-1]; //cout << "A[i]-" << a[i] << " sk" << sk << endl; for(int j = b_count; j <b_count+sk;j++) { int check=b[j-1]+1; b[j]=check; } //Checking for(int l = b_count; l <b_count+sk;l++) { bool exists; for(int e=0; e<=i;e++) { if(b[l]==a[e]){ exists=true; break; } } //bool exists = find(begin(a), end(a), b[l]) != end(a); if(exists) { for(int k=l;k<b_count+sk;k++) { b[k]=b[k+1]; } sk--; } } cout << i << "-"<<a[i] <<"_" <<b[n] << endl; b_count+=sk; cout<<"BCOUNT "<<b_count<< endl; } // cout << b_count; } for(int i=0; i<=n;i++) { cout<<"a-"<<a[i]<<endl; } for(int i=0; i<b_count;i++) { cout<<"b-"<<b[i]<<endl; } return 0; }
  7. Its one of my homework questions that i cant solve. I need to program it in c++;
  8. Hey a strange problem had occurred to me, so I can't really use bool exists = find(begin(a), end(a), b[l]) != end(a); this to find an element in array because the compiler that our lecturer made does not allow to. So I tried making an alternative bool exists; for(int e=0; e<=i;e++) { if(b[l]==a[e]){ exists=true; break; } Why does this not work? My whole program then messes up for some reason? It does the same thing, it starts from the first element of an array and goes to the last one, and during the process he compares every element and if he find that they are equal it breaks the loop and confirms that the number is equal.
  9. Problem: John came up with a positive number and multiplied it by 13, then subtracting the number with his phones last number, then he multiplied the number by 123 and lastly he summed the number by adding his age. Then he wrote the answer on his notebook (Input) (a*13-b)*123+c=Input To do: Output three numbers, the number he came up with, last phone number digit, and his age. Input 54993 Output 35,8,12 Input 12711 Output 8,1,42
  10. Got my gpu fan fixed, now planning to buy those two fans you talked about, around which price i should be looking to buy one?
  11. I dont know if I am correct, but the only fans i have are on the motherboard and the gpu D:
  12. Ill check for dust, and ill check my fans. But i dont think fans are the problem(unless they broke) since it was fine for ~4 years? Ill update once i get home
  13. So my gpu started overheating last week, we tried changing thermal paste, didnt worked, but what ive noticed that the fan sometimes slowed down, temperature goes up to 100 celsius and it gets laggy, and if i play more, my monitor wents black. Unfortunetly my country does not repair gpus xd so i think i get another one. But the strange thing was, that it was fine at my friends pc, but overheating at mines. Cards is pretty old, gtx 660 around 4 years. I have around 150 euros, can spend a little more. I was thinking to get a 1050ti 4gb card, but im scared that it might start overheating to, so my another question is. Will the new card be fine, is it only the gpu that is causing overheating or other parts? Is it a virus? Pc: I5 3100 , Gpu: Zotac gtx 660 synergy edit 2gb ddr5 192bit, PSU:PSU take me 600w ATX silent 120mm, Win 10-64bit, Case:gtt havana 650bk gaming midi tower w/o p, Ram: 8gb, "Mother board: gigabite ga-b85m-d2v, b85, dualDDR3-1600, Sata3, matx"
  14. My bad for explaining, so, when the player clicks on the chair to sit,he disables fpc and then he lerps to the position and rotation of the emptyGameObject_1. When the lerping ends, it enables another mouse script that has other set of properties(lets call it "MS2"). Then when I press a button, player beggins to stand up, disabling MS2 and lerping into emptyGameObject_2, when he finishes doing that, I enable FPC and then my camera suddenly rotates to the place where I was looking the last time i pressed the button to sit down.
  15. I' am rotating the whole player Player.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(Player.transform.rotation, lasthit.GetComponent<CamPos>().camHolderexit.transform.rotation, ratio);
  16. So, I'll explain it as simple as possible, when my player takes the seat, it disbaled first person controller, so my camera rotation would work on the transition when sitting, however, when i stand up(also with smooth transition), after the smooth transition and rotations, when i enable First person character, my camera jumps into the rotation it was before it got disabled? Any logic on how can i solve it? Heres the problem: My script has 3 phases: is Sitting Sitting is Standing I disable the fpc when isSitting is true I enable it once the standing up transition time is ended
  17. Hey, I really get confused reading default unity controller script, and because of that, I need some help, there is an option to select clampVerticalRotation, can someone make that i can limit horizontal view as well with different variables? Thanks in advance!
  18. I need a modeller, map designer, texture designer, concept artist, software engineer and also a programmer, anyone?
  19. I am making a rhytm game for fun, and I use spectrum data to generate nodes, like in guitar hero, that are going down. My question is, how come can i know the data of audio spectrum like 3-4 seconds a head, so my nodes that are spawned far ahead would reach destination and would be displayed were there would normally spawn at real time to match the rhythm.
  20. In depth guide of understanding the usage of colors Benefits: It can guide the player to what's important or change the mood of the scene. Basically it can either make or brake the realism. Best way to test it out is to convert your colors to gray-scale and see how much realistic does the view get. 1. Saturation of colors(Brigter/Darker) -Avoid using too much saturation in your scene, it takes out realism out of it. Just make sure that you do not use it everywhere, but at some points, so you could give players eye somewhere to rest. Remember, use it for something that you want players to notice( a building where you need to go, a poster, flowers in the field) Its also important to know that saturation tells your eyes the mood of the scene. Is the scene somewhat sad (apocalyptic world, someone died etc...) use low saturation. Is your scene a beatiful panorama of field? Use high saturation. TL;DR Don't overdo saturation values, Use it to guide the path, Tell a story, Draw attention to the object that you want player to notice. 2. Color harmonies In a nutshell some colors look better together than others. Monochromatic colors: Only one color -Good for single subjects -Best for creating atmosphere Analogous colors: Colors that are adjacent on color wheel -Good for creating peaceful mood for the scene, since these color combos are often seen in real life. -Easy for eyes Triadic colors: Equally distant on wheel -Best for cartoon games Cons- Hard to pull off Complementary: Opposing colors on wheel -Most popular usage everywhere because it is pleasing to an eye -But don't use the colors equally, like 50% Green and 50% Red, use one color predominantly, generally weaker color, in this case, desaturated green. Split complementary: Similar to complementary, but one end extended. -More creatve freedoom, instead of using 2 colors you use 3. Tetratic: Double complementary, Two pairs of opposing colors on the wheel. -Its hard to pull off, but if you do that, you will get pleasing results. It's very good on terrain. - Never use 25% each Colors are the ones that guides player to interest and tells a story in a mood that it suppossed to be. The end;
  21. Hello, I may need someone to make basic AI for me. Requirements: -Avoiding obstacles with certain tags(Building,fence etc...) -Hits player from certain distance Thats it. About avoiding obstacles, my game has somewhat random generation, but its not totally random, they are, you could say, like nodes with non random placed buildings, and player can be on one node at a time, since he cant go to the previous node because of the invisible wall that prevents that. And since its an single player game, this AI has only one target all the time. That's all. As for payment methods, I have master card, and if you don't have any credit cards I can just buy something off the internet what you need (steam gift card, game etc..) Edit: The amount I am willing to pay is somewhat of 5 euros.
  22. "Dead inside". Aren't we all a little bit dead inside?
  23. giltine528

    Grandpa Day

    Really nice! I really like the artwork style, keep it up!
  24. So, In a past hour I had this problem where, my bullets only hit bots since they have rigidbody on, and because my building dont have rigidbody attached to them, my bullets just go through them :S Any solution, on how can i fix it? Visualisation void OnCollisionEnter(Collision other) { if (other.gameObject.tag == "Enemy" || other.gameObject.tag == "Building") { Destroy(gameObject); } }
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