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  1. Hii,


    Allow me to start by saying you are awesome. You are an excellent developer!!


    I actually wanted to try your Dynamic Image Based Lighting shader. I am developing a game in which the full scene is instantiated at run time and I am going for a realistic look because of which I am having a hard time with lighting. I can bake the light before hand but it doesn't work with the new instantiated objects. If you would be so kind to tell the process you took for dynamically lighting your scene with image, I will be gratefull to you for whole eternity. I am also willing to purchase your shader/script if you wish so. Kindly let me know soon as I am reaching towards deadline.


    Thank you for your consideration.


    Mohit Pundir 

  2. Hey guys! I am having a bit of trouble affording college. Some of you may remember me as the "shader god". I am letting you guys know I am looking for work officially and as I see many of you have some awesome games, I'd love to help you make them better by making them visually attractive as well as functionally outstanding! Here is my post on the official Unity forums. Please check it out and PM me or email me with the info provided there if you are interested. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/graphics-programmer-for-hire-funds-help-me-go-to-college.380237/ Thanks -Will
  3. I was gonna say that Hello Dennis! Welcome to the armedunity forums! Make yourself comfortable and feel free to ask any questions in the appropriate places
  4. Yes it is exactly like that. With this I'm not limited to anything and I have access to anything I make. The only issue is I have to do all the rendering from scratch. But this is good because I can now do some of the things I couldn't do before. Like a fast-ish global illumination, advanced physically based rendering and more. I have to make my own AA, I think that's one of the last things on my to-do-list
  5. Hey guys, I'm back again with some exciting news. I've been working on a small project of mine, that takes a lot of work for one person. As you might already know, Jove branched out and decided to create not only a PBS pipeline but an entire new DX11 renderer in Unity. The method he is using to get such nice results is something called Deferred Shading. Deferred Shading is slightly different than Deferred Lighting, which Unity 4.x uses. I and many others find Deferred Shading to be superior because of its ability to create great materials with great performance. So I am presenting my very own renderer I made in Unity, in DX9 for now. Please leave suggestions on what to add!!!! This is very helpful to me! I will consider all responses! This is the reason why I am making the post essentially, is for your feedback Please note that this is very early progress. i'm talking like, less than a weeks worth of work. But enjoy!
  6. Thank you! I just wanted to say thanks for this amazing community. It has truly been a pleasure being apart of the community and I cannot stress the gratitude I express for all of you here. Many of you may know me as the "shadergod". I am a student in high-school that had discovered these forums by accident a little bit over 2 years ago. I started off doing shaders in Unity with the hopes of creating an experience for all that is unique, creative, and visually incredible. I came to these forums to eventually enlighten, share, inspire many other users here. As a way to express my gratitude, I want to not only say thank you again, but to give you all something very special . Unfortunately, it wont make it by the holiday season as I have my birthday and several other life changing things in the way. But it will be something I hope you all look forward to. I try my best to do what I can in helping you guys, informing you all, and giving back to the community. As I have taken on a lot of roles in life and with other hobbies, it has become a challenge for me to do things like complete the advanced shader tutorial, fix some of the broken shaders I may have posted, create things I wanted to make for the community but haven't gotten around to. I'm hoping this will make up for it and I will still try and get to those things. For now, enjoy some of the work I have done while I haven't been "as active" as before. And I wish to have more free-time to hang around more. All of the following work is still WIP:
  7. willywill

    Shader question

    Its known as the sin city effect. You just sample the red parts of the image while everything else is grey.
  8. No problemo mi homie Im excited to see what he can do, he was my initial inspiration for a while before I was pushed to actually begin it, I did want to focus on improving the lighting because that can always be easily transferred over to a new renderer
  9. Raymarch and raytrace are similar, the term raymarch comes from usually dealing with volumetric things, this just sends rays in theory in the direction of the sky, from the sample points on the screen and figures out if the light has been occluded or not. Edit: Misread what I typed
  10. I've been in and out these past few weeks doing lots of advanced things, most of it including research. I'm also working on a complete custom renderer inside of Unity using Deferred Shading. If you've seen Jove 2.0 [1] or Dolkar's forum post [2] on the Unity forums, then you'll know what I'm talking about. I made the commitment that I was going to do a huge overhaul to my shaders, it was time to take things to the next level. I also needed to consider speed and making sure the shaders were able to be used on more than just high end computers. During my research on ambient occlusion I read in ShaderX7 [3] that ambient occlusion is an approximation, that assumes conditions of overcast weather, meaning all light is uniform or constant. In a normal outdoor scene this is NOT the case. I decided to consider the skylight light as a source of incoming radiance of the occlusion to make things more accurate of a non-overcast day. I also found out that I wasn't the first to try this [4]. Also note that the code still has more things to be added and considered and that this is just a step in the right direction. In truth, its not bad to have an overcast lighting HBAO, its just not accurate to have this in daylight. One thing you can do is this. Assuming you have raymarch : float3 SkyRadiance = float3(0.0f, -1.0f, 0.0f); float3 HorizonTangent - this is computed in HBAO. float Directional = max( 0.0f, dot(SkyRadiance, HorizonTangent)); Raymarch here for(int rays; rays < maxRays; rays++) { if(Directional > 0.0f) { // Yes, go ahead and calculate the AO, otherwise don't } } You can also smoothly fade into the original overcast based HBAO depending on the cloudiness, where _Cloudiness is a global linked float that ranges from 0-1, linked to your cloud shader, assuming you have one. SkyRadiance = lerp(SkyRadiance, float3(0.0f), _Cloudiness); References: [1] "Jove 2.0 - Replacing the rendering pipeline" http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/jove-2-0-replacing-the-rendering-pipeline.230141/ [2] "The Wish for an Alternative Rendering Path" http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/the-wish-for-an-alternative-rendering-path.198539/ [3] "ShaderX7: Advanced Rendering Techniques" http://www.amazon.com/ShaderX7-Rendering-Techniques-Wolfgang-Engel/dp/1584505982 [4] "Sonic Ether Facebook, Directional HBAO" https://www.facebook.com/SonicEther
  11. Thank you so much for this, can someone point me to a tutorial that helps me with learning how to do advanced things with Dictionaries and Lists I struggle with those the most.
  12. Under the CalculateLight function, making sure its not inside any #define of #if statements, then add (+) ImageBasedLighting to "res.xyz = " You must access these variables such as [_SkyLightColorFromShader] like this from script: Shader.SetGlobalColor("_SkyLightColorFromShader", SkyLightColorFromScript as Color)
  13. Here is my opinion, in a nutshell. Do not use "Physically motivated" bloom that's based from a camera, in a first person game based from a persons eyes. His bloom doesn't use an Airy disc method anyway, kinda lied. Airy disc is a PSF (Point spread function) that requires a lot of math and double precision. His shader has none of that. So its an approximation of an approximation to camera bloom. Not an approximation of eye bloom. Very different things to be used in very different situations. Now besides all that his bloom looks nice. Although with better bloom out of they way you should focus on proper materials, better textures and lighting.
  14. elance https://www.elance.com/
  15. I'll be updating the post by tomorrow sorry for the delay
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