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  1. Hello everyone, I have been developing in Unity a long time ago(3+ years ago). It is natural that I have missed quite a lot of things in the mean time. Could you guys please let me know of any notable new technologies/features in Unity and FPS game development? Being more of a developer/programmer myself, I can handle the coding part just fine. So, I am interested into 'syncing' with the latest graphics technologies(before I left, I was working with realtime lighting and GPU accelerated particles). Just let me know of some feature titles so I can research them myself later. Thanks in advance.
  2. There are a few decompilers. Check and old project of mine called "Special Ops"(signature), I use Du Dust Map.
  3. Its 120 from the two eyes combined, but as mentioned the focal point is less.
  4. 2 Months ago i was thinking of making a new encryption algorithm which would utilize somethings that only I would know. Like personal information etc. This would probably take years to complete as I would first need to collect data from my own life... Anyway you just reminded me my goal for the next years. If i ever make it i will share a small part of it here to see its lvl of difficulty...
  5. Hello from Greece, Welcome to the forum! I hope you fulfill your dreams and create an interesting game!
  6. Welcome to the forum! Here you can find lots of tutorials and guides as well as help for your game issues.
  7. At last a game without zombies! Welcome to the community! Looking forward to playing your game.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum! We are here to help and guide you through the ways of game development.
  9. Welcome, good luck with your project!
  10. Welcome to the forum. For any help feel free to make a post and ask!
  11. These guys are crazy but they do clever marketing. Dont you see? They are creating a trend. A trend of simulators. Kudos to them
  12. Thats not a good idea Calum but anyway... Nice Guide Leo, you will probably need to enrich it though as it is too short to cover everything. Try to format it with colors a bit and it will be awesome!
  13. DarkChaos

    Uh whut

    I got the same message and pmed OMA about it.
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