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  1. Sorry guys my harddrive with the projectfiles has died. I'm trying to figure out if I have saved it someone else, and when I (hopefully) find it I will upload it again. If there's someone around here who still has the project, please send me a PM.
  2. Just say AYE if you want me to reupload. If there's still interest I'll upload it again.
  3. You want something free and still dare to say google textures aren't good? You are trolling yourself.
  4. Hi Skalpel thanks for clarifying the situation. I'm going to reupload as soon as I find the project again.
  5. Hi denem214 and Spectroide sorry if I'm a bit late but what's wrong with the download link isn't it working for you? I tried and it looks like it' still working.
  6. You have an error in your SQL syntax: "SELECT * FROM `people`, WHERE `user` = ".$user."" If you look close you see there is a double quote inside 2 double quotes. Here's a hint, you don't even need to put the 'people' table inside quotes, this query should execute if you do it like this: "SELECT * FROM people WHERE user = '$user'" Take note that the $user variable HAS to be inside single quotes, everything else not. Try again and let us know if this solved it
  7. There are a couple of socket tutorials on youtube but still it requires that you know some basic programming. The tutorials I found aren't exactly geared towards beginners.
  8. San Andreas happens to be one of my favorite games
  9. Update: New downloadlink because for some reason the old link can only be downloaded by speedyshare premium members.
  10. No problem you're welcome
  11. Alright I've found it and reuploaded it, have fun with it
  12. As soon as I find out where I've saved the project I will reupload it.
  13. Any idea how many people still play San Andreas? To give an idea, there are litterally thousands of servers, and in the more popular ones 1000 people play at the same time. Sure the game is old, but it's still going very strong.
  14. You can take your complaints to the complaints department, this stuff is free and you don't have to use it. And btw, it's not 'just a rectangle', the mesh is deformed like you'd expect from a rusty fence. Instead of complaining about free stuff that is not as good as it should be in your opinion, you could put some effort in yourself and stop being a dick.
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