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  1. Hey guys, here is a character that i have been working on lately. Since it has been a long time since i modeled my last basemesh, I thought id redo it (with proper topology this time ). The base mesh for the character has about 2k polys in it, i can subsurf it once, as seen in the pic below, all together it is about 12k polys, but should end up less after i clean it up. Still a lot left to do, need to optimize, uv, bake, and texture. been having ideas for this character in a game, but still pretty early, any feedback and suggestions is welcome.
  2. I have to add more details to the hi poly stock, to make it less round, and eventually i will get around to texturing this, and then getting my custom weapon shader on it
  3. im guessing so... can you model, texture, or code? any previous work? btw Deatrocker your profile pic is freakin awesome!
  4. I have made many lowpoly models, and some low-mid, but never a hi-poly bake, and never even close to this quality.
  5. Hey guys, its been a long time since i visited this forum, its good to see that is better than ever. This is a small project I've been working on and off for the past couple of weeks. it is a slightly modified m110. the low poly mesh is completely uv'ed and ready. i still need some work on the hi-poly model. It is separated into 4 different parts for easy modification( i plan on adding different stock, barrels, mags, etc) later. here it is in unity with just normal and AO with the default bumped spec shader. The model 2075 faces, so still pretty fair in terms of performance, however it is missing the scope, iron sights, and bipod, so that will make it much higher. the image is pretty large, and i suck at embedding P.S. if anyone can point me to the thread with instructions on embedding etc, that would be great. Please leave your feedback, both good and bad Here it is from first person with a scope and canted iron sights.
  6. hey guys, we have been developing a multiplayer fps for a while, most of the alpha is done, however, join a already started match is throwing us some problems, first, when the player joins, all the previously joined clients will see him, as well as he appears on the scoreboard. bu he will not receive any of the RPCs containing other players score b/c none of the other clients are instantiated locally on his side. do we have to completely re instantiate ever player after a new one joins? another possible problem is that we are instancateing when the level loads, not in the lobby, as well as we are instanctaing with RPCMode.all, rather than RPCMode.allBuffered, which i could not quite figure out, b/c it seemed as if it made 2 of every player. we code in C# fyi, if anyone has any leads on how to fix this issue, it would be much appreciated!
  7. Well done, a lot of fun. made it to 294 left during my history lecture , Really nice models and animations. but the texture stretching on some of the walls could be avoided by using a building modeler, like DeleD. i dont know how you made the walls, but great and addiction casual gameplay, and with more work, it could become very popular i think . 9.6/10.
  8. Hey guys, well beta is over now, and if you didnt get the chance to get it, but really want it, just pm me, we can work something out , If you really liked it, it would be great if you could support me and get it on the asset store, should be up in the next couple of weeks, Cheers!
  9. Hey guys. I finished my water to beta for here. So here it is. I welcome any thoughts/feelings on the package. If you download it before the 14th, you may have it for free. it will be $7.50 on the asset store ( yes, i know i said i wouldn't sell it, but expensive college has changed my mind). So please have fun, more is explained in the LICENSE.docx in the package. For Screens/Webplayers, please visit my thread about it http://forum.armedunity.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1718.
  10. Fixed , wrong link, it works now, for me at least.
  11. Ohh btw, is anyone here good at shader codeing? if so please reply, i could use a little help with it
  12. ya will work on skybox and reflection uv / cubemaps, i have been gone a few days, so i will try and get back to work on it soon as possible. @ DarkneT What is your shadermodel / specs for your pc?
  13. sry its hard to make a video, but ill try a webplayer. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101172219/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html
  14. Thanks guys! it still has alot left to do. and i wont sell it , its hard to find good indie water. it has taken me more than a year of frustration with the random water in indie. so ill release it here for free as soon as its done! or if anyone wants to help with it id be glad to release it now, as a WIP. also thinking of taking out the second bump map and duplicating the first in the code, to hopefully reduce the normal distortion.
  15. Hey guys, this my indie water i have been working on while learning surface shading in unity. features: -2 scrolling Bumpmaps -cubemap reflection -Fresnel transparency -specular highlights -script controls waves/bumpmaps -Distortion Control for reflection To do list: -Constant uv for bump map -Redo script for better control (goes with above) Well, i got it looking very nice now, got the good spec, and distortion, for those who say v0.1, ill put them both up I am very close to releasing, but if anyone knows how to do a constant uv like in the default water, it would be much appreciated webplayer v0.1: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101172219/WebPlayer/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html webplayer v0.2 : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101172219/WebPlayerv02/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html thinking about releasing this here as well, when it is finnished.
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