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  1. Geckoo has a point here. Its got great potential but can get you some trouble lol. If this is nothing more then just a fan project then you can ignore what I'm gonna say next. Just some constructive criticism; It's probably in your best interest to drop the star wars idea. The For Honor inspiration can be justified and I would stick closer to that. Give it the open world that For Honor is missing (I know this is no easy task), build on the inventory system, add some civilians and vendors around the city, and develop a story. Personally I think that's the best use of your potential.
  2. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Still deciding on a price. I want to add as much as possible to bring the value to around $40
  3. Its been a while since I've posted here but I'd like to announce a kit that I will be releasing soon. Further information and images are below.
  4. I haven't posted something in a very long time. But here's my latest project.
  5. I only used DDO for the metal parts of it. For the rest of the gun, I pulled the normal map from Quixel so that I could use the polymer base. I textured the diffuse, spec, and gloss myself. Atleast ask before making assumptions.
  6. I could be wrong here but I assumed that Police Infinity was like a cops and robbers kind of game. So I didnt add too much damage or anything because a gun that a police officer or a criminal might have wont look like its been through a war and wont be too old
  7. I didn't model it or bake the model. I only textured it
  8. RSASS Textures Textures for an RSASS. Model by Vadim 'Krycek' Andreev http://www.krycek.portfoliobox.me/
  9. Idk why it came out so dark, the original one was a bit lighter
  10. Another update High Poly Model
  11. I'm finally free again so its back to work on this. Started a new prop which is a simple couch, this is just the model with Normals and an AO. The color is just the base. I'm going to start working on adding detail.
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