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  1. This isn't an update video. This is a quick little video where I just wanted to ask opinions on a new concept around the wave system (e.g. having 'stagelights' reveal new areas when unlocked) P.s. NavMesh was not properly set up for new map Update 9.5:
  2. Hey Guys, So here is my latest project. This was abandoned a couple months ago after failing Greenlight and usually with most of my projects I like to post them here, however, it never came to mind with this one. Since I'm now renewing this project figured I might as well. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas! YOUTUBE: IHAZMIRACLE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzoGHQdij2Rg0BnRSbyD7jg FELWIRE This is a single-player FPS, featuring wave-based gameplay where you fight off hoards of monsters. Current Features (Not listing anything I didn't make, might also be missing some things): - V.Low Poly Style - Parkour System - 3 Current Enemies (Basic, Flying & Kamikaze) - Grappling Hook - Special Shop - Abandoned Atmosphere (One map so far) - Multiple Weapons - Interactable Main menu - Scoring System Updates This game is currently in development. Note: This game does contain some assets I purchased, they are given credit in some of the videos descriptions and I am very open about it. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas!
  3. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    There may be a problem with that aha, But just to clarify it was certain objects and buildings only which were made to have parts broken out, then the parts which would fall out just got health where they could collapse into smaller parts.
  4. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    This is probably pointless but, I did continue this project fairly far through forgetting to record and such. The project since the last video had this features added: - Building destruction (Like bf4) - Multiplayer (With free for all game-mode, scoring systems and such) - New Map - Much improved menus and attachment system Unfortunately I had a month break then on and lost the project on my system, due to disorganisation. Unable to find it :/ This is just to inform the people who are still adding me on skype interested more on the project.
  5. FPS Survival Arms. [Client Work]

    Best work yet, keep it up
  6. Operation Novus

    Very nice! Love your animation system
  7. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    Currently in the progress of adding multiplayer :3 FUN! (...2 Hours later) FML, WHY U HATE ME NETWORKING
  8. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    Released Update 2, a small update
  9. Thanks, if you are would you be able to provide some examples if possible.
  10. ARCTIC STUDIOS __________________________________________ ABOUT Hello, My name is Cooper and I am currently seeking members for a multiplayer FPS. The game is set in modern times. There will be various maps and locations where players will battle it out in different gamemodes. TITLE: Name to be decided : Currently classified as Project Coldlight GENRE: Shooter TYPE: Multiplayer SETTING: Modern The game will include multiple features such as Parkour, Destruction, Customisability. Not everything has been worked out yet but current progress can be viewed here: http://armedunity.com/topic/6402-project-coldlight-multiplayer-fps-updates/ AVAILABLE SLOTS Modellors (Weapons, Props) - Better chances if you can also texture Environment Modellors (Buildings, Structures) - Better chances if you can also texture Animators (Player, Weapons) Texturors (Weapons, Buildings, Props, Structures) Graphics (Logo, Menus, Pictures) - This position is a maybe depending on your skills LAYOUT Full Name Gender Spot your applying for Previous work/examples Preferred method of contact and contact details Other Information Thanks for your interest, Cooper Ladlow
  11. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    Thanks, custom damage splash screen, manual healing, ui damage idicators and ragdoll player.
  12. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    Yes, C#, Javascript, HTML and another one Im not fond of which name doesnt pass my mind.
  13. Project Coldlight - Multiplayer FPS Updates

    OH haha, No it isnt. This is what the premium kit is like: http://armedunity.com/topic/4019-premium-fps-kit/