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  1. I need tutorials , make a weapon/caracter with an image
  2. But You can give.me a Blender tutoril fo beginners . ?
  3. Can you give me a tutorial ? With Blender ?
  4. Im Trying to learn 3D Modeler Im viewing tutorils in internet , HOW TO modeler Caracter with Blender And i saw tutorials , but i need Front Side , Left Side and Back Side I can make 3D Modeler of a caracter with only Front Side? I go try to make this 3d caracter modeler : I CAN make with this picture? Sorry my bad english , im portuguese
  5. sygamers

    LOF Update

    you use fps kit ? if you say yes , what version you use?
  6. i dont have plug-in folder , i so have plugins folder , when i put one file in plugin say error my sistem is 32 bits
  7. Who can giveme smd inporter for 3DS MAX 2013 ?
  8. where i can learn javascript?
  9. Yes, C # I've read many times the sites that have scripts in the forum, but I do not understand any of it, so that server can not understand where we should use, do not know where to use.
  10. sygamers

    Help , java , c++

    Hello I walk with some difficulties in studying javascript / c + + I do not know how to study the javascript, how do I do? read 50 times each phrase, write it 50 times, inventing javascript (write to the rails). How do I study the javascript?
  11. I cant fire , and the texture circumvented black ,
  12. the weapon dont fire dont work the project
  13. Why you dont make a tutorial faster , how to make the weapon shoot with this tutorial ?
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