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  1. Sorry i dont stalk themars and know about him taking exams.
  2. no more updates?
  3. dannnggg thats good looking ^ . How does that run on your pc?
  4. sorry then m8 i only do c# and java as in java you would use in netbeans or something.
  5. oh your programming in java i have been telling you what to do in c# haah oops
  7. use the yield waitforseconds(waitTime) . waitTime is a integer which you can initialize to however many seconds you want.
  8. Its because you have no timer or something that says how much health you should lose in a certain amount of time. What you have now is constantly draining health. Read my suggestion something like that should work.
  9. Not sure how you want to do it but yeah you could make a timer and for say every 5 seconds the enemy is touching you, you lose 5hp. Try declaring a float called timer and initialize it as name of float += time.deltatime . Then make a if statement for when it equals 5 seconds subtract 5 hp then reset timer to 0 and redo the process so it constantly takes away 5 hp every 5 seconds. Thats how i would do it. Dont take my word for it though i program mostly in xna so not as familiar with unity.
  10. Sounds like you need some sort of edge detection so it doesnt contstantly take down your health.
  11. lookn good m8 i cant wait to see how all of this stuff comes together into one big game.
  12. light doesnt exist in black holds i thought?
  13. ofc could use some work but looks pretty solid (the destruction system)
  14. yeah me too its pretty fun
  15. Thanks guys, yeah there are a few bugs due to only having a few class periods to work on it. We had to make all of are own art also so didn't have time to polish everything and fix all the bugs.