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    Yeah i see the Magenta color when i try to pain grass in so for some reason when i paint it in under the trees it has no magenta color but if i try painting it as grass using the HDRP shader or any other it turns out magenta
  2. ectwc112211


    Hey guys its been a really long time since i used unity3D i finally thought i should get back into it but so many things are new in this engine, I set up the HDRP following a Brackeys tutorial and re imported all the mats as an HDRP, But when i go to pain a grass texture onto my terrain it shows up pink? any idea on why this is happening and how to stop this from happening or am i not aloud to use HDRP?
  3. ectwc112211

    Unity Bundle

    wow amazing, I remember when they did their game maker bundle but unity? wowza some good stuff
  4. ectwc112211


    I did indeed watch this but was unsure on how to convert some of those lines to c#
  5. ectwc112211


    pretty sure i have not sure if that line of code is wrong or not public float velocity = 5;
  6. ectwc112211


    Hey everyone, Its been a long time since I have messed around with this stuff so I need a little help if someone could. I followed this tutorial on youtube and I would like to know the best way to implement running into this script, I looked into implementing the left shift as running and when its let go to stop. but couldn't figure out why it wasn't working so I took it out so if someone could help that would be great. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class Controller : MonoBehaviour { public float velocity = 5; public float turnSpeed = 10; public float runSpeed = 10; public bool sprinting = true; Vector2 input; float angle; Quaternion targetRotation; Transform cam; Animator anim; void Start() { cam = Camera.main.transform; anim = GetComponent<Animator>(); } void Update() { GetInput(); if (Mathf.Abs(input.x) < 1 && Mathf.Abs(input.y) < 1) return; CalculateDirection(); Rotate(); Move(); } void GetInput() { input.x = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); input.y = Input.GetAxis("Vertical"); anim.SetFloat("BlendX", input.x); anim.SetFloat("BlendY", input.y); } private void CalculateDirection() { angle = Mathf.Atan2(input.x, input.y); angle = Mathf.Rad2Deg * angle; angle += cam.eulerAngles.y; } void Rotate() { targetRotation = Quaternion.Euler(0, angle, 0); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, targetRotation, turnSpeed * Time.deltaTime); } void Move() { transform.position += transform.forward * velocity * Time.deltaTime; } }
  7. lmfao calling people names and then editing your post so OMA cant see it i find that too funny
  8. Hey Guys its been a while, I took a long time off of game design but i built a new computer and i'm trying to get back into it. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in blender texturing because this is giving me a headache... I Modeled a simple nail gun in blender and then unwrapped it and textured it in substance painter with multiple materials assigned to certain parts. Then I took it back into blender and assigned the textures to the materials, Is there anyway i can bake everything to one texture??? because i know having multiple ones for 1 model is not good. I looked up some tutorials but i cannot seem to get it to work. I can provide my .Blend File if anyone would like to take a look and show me how its done. If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it
  9. I like them not to bad!
  10. As i do appreciate the feed back the lights are only so i can see what i am doing in the scene, Also the main menu is still being worked on i will be making my own buttons soon here Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone, I have been waiting for a long time to post this on AU, I have not had the courage to do so because of the state it was but i believe it is finally time to show some progress Whats the game about? Keeping Watch is a story driven horror. The player takes on the role as a police officer investigating the case of people who have gone missing. When it will be finished? Hopefully in 2017-2018 When will we have a Playable Alpha version? That is TBD (To Be Decided) When we can have our hands on Demo? The Demo date is TBD (To Be Decided) Depending on how much I get created. What my goal? To achieve a better horror experience for players. Can I join the team? If you're interested in joining me on this project please let me know in a PM or something and let me know what you can do help is always needed. Screenshots : Music: Video: This is one of the Cut scenes for my game it is still a work in progress Feedback is appreciated Thanks
  12. I dont understand what you really mean by turning a game on??? do you mean loading a level?? if so here also not really sure why you posted a topic here when you could search it https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/MonoBehaviour.OnMouseDown.html function OnMouseDown () { Application.LoadLevel ("SomeLevel"); }
  13. best of luck trying to get this game to progress.. I tried it out for about 5 mins on itch.io and it looks very very weird to me, I don't personally like it at all but its good that you believe in your project..
  14. oh ma lord... if you already have a team why did you post it saying "Alien Ant World: Recruiting".... i just don't understand
  15. if you do not have motivation right now you are never going to get it... your topic basically shows me and everyone here on AU that you have no experience what so ever and you are looking to be spoon fed content.. the least you can do is present us with stuff you can do. please re-do this topic and present it much better.
  16. You should actually post screenshots of what you can do so people know you are able to do something
  17. Looks look a very interesting char controller to try out! id love to try it for my new upcoming horror game anyways good luck all.
  18. Hm, whats the problem?
  19. Ah Sorry about that! I knew i was missing something!
  20. Hey everyone i thought i would share the rain I created today, Hope you all enjoy! just drag and drop the prefab into your scene and edit it however you need it. Download
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