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  1. I Still prefer the old theme :mellow:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. themars2011


      It was down for quite some time (Like really long) and a lot changed afterwards

    3. DarKneT


      oh ok, didn't know that :/, i was away for a while :( 

    4. themars2011


      Yeah haha, nice to see you back!

  2. texture on it's own pretty much useless for someone to use it on something, unless you have the patience to model arms just like that and uv it right to the dot for someone already who has the model, well they have the texture as-well obviously
  3. yeah, export height map from ue and import that into unity
  4. Yeah most of us knows, but what about the "users" ? yeah happened to me once, fix is uninstall and do a registry fix, then install again Only for live runs, Hoping to use daily but too lazy to switch between
  5. What the title says - http://twiik.net/articles/google-chrome-just-killed-the-unity-web-player
  6. @xAfricanWarriorx i've been looking into RTP for some time now, but didn't know wm and rtp worked this closely, tried zBrush couple of times, didn't like it but i like mudbox and sculptris. before i dive into doing big stuff i need to learn wm more @mars i said i'll release it, IF people need it
  7. Saw this from a page i'm subscribed to, it might help many of you here thinking about Starting own studios n stuff ( before anyone asks no this is not pirated just because it's free, it's a coupon code from the author ) Click the link below to open Udemy Page with the coupon code ( simply create a account on udemy and start the course, like any other website ) ( Take it before it expires ) Course Description This course is for any game developer or aspiring game developer who wants to start off any new project on the right foot legally and business-wise. I'm making a much longer, more comprehensive course for game developers, but I thought it would be nice to summarize a few key points now and offer it at low cost. Here, you can understand 5 critical best practices to avoid legal problems at the outset of your game project on your own and also save time and money for if you're considering hiring a lawyer.
  8. As a little hobby i started doing/learning some environment scenes, such as mountains, islands, deserts, snowy tops after lot of trial and fails this came out kinda ok-ish Check the download Section for .raw height map file ( currently only for Premium members ) And hoping to create mountain series ( but only if people need it )
  9. if unity needs to match with UE4, they'll have to do more stuff than they have in U5 hell not more, lot more
  10. because it's fun to kill brainless zombies than humans ( or is it the other way around for some )
  11. Like the title says I'm looking few people to create couple of projects, mainly i need Programmers ( C# or uJS ), but i might need 2D artists as well so if you're capable, send me a private massage including Your prices ( hourly or project wise ) Way to contact you ( Skype or .... ) Your previous works if you have any
  12. void Update(){ if ( Input.GetKeyDown("e")) Application.LoadLevel(1); }
  13. too lazy to type this, so i'm just gonna quote DaBoss
  14. Use something like VS or VB and create a gui-ishy launcher, create a folder and put your _Data folder and .exe's into ( something like "Contents" ) then link your .exe to the launcher outside of "Content" it's not that hard
  15. well you know most of the spam bots are made out of "Good" scripts
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