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  1. As always, you never fail to deliver something amazing! +1
  2. See the issue with DDOS protection is that there are work arounds and if the DOSER is smart (most of them aren't because they're little children using their daddies toys), they can find various exploits with the service. For example, Cloud Flares - sometimes people don't know how to use it when under attack (you have to press the "Im Under Attack" button to actually start protecting against dos attacks. Just some info about DOS protection. Now please understand that I'm not trying to stave you guys away from using DOS Protection because they mostly work (especially on people that don't understand anything about networking but try to DOS).
  3. Hey guys, so I recently imported some new assets and I had to fix some shader issues. In doing so, some of my tree creator trees that I was using in game developed these white outlines, while others, that I didn't use in game, dont have them. I tried to check if it was the material, but when I replaced the materials, the blue/white outline still appeared on the trees that I used in game. Furthermore, I tried resetting all the settings and even changing settings on the trees with issues to the same settings as those without the issue. Here are some pictures. Bad Image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8ofm6jieuo5m38/Screenshot%202015-05-27%2020.22.44.png?dl=0 Good Image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0gzt79n8l2myo5/Screenshot%202015-05-27%2020.23.00.png?dl=0 [EDIT] Apparently, on the good ones, if I get close enough, the blue/white dots will appear... [FIX] I finally found the solution. If you have the same issue, go to playersettings -> Rendering Path -> Set to forward
  4. Beautiful! Haha now you best be acing those exams...
  5. Watch this... I'ma use this and still lose to your code....
  6. If in standalone, it will be in your game_data folder, if in editor, it will be in the assets folder
  7. Hey guys, lately I've been experimenting with Photon Network and the PUN (Photon Unity Networking). It's been a very smooth ride until I ran into this question. How do I actually use PhotonPlayer? Do I have to create a new instance and set the parameters? Does Photon automatically generate it? I do feel like I need to set the parameters because when I load the list of PhotonPlayers in the lobby, all the names are blank (cause I didn't set them). However when I did create a new instance of the PhotonPlayer, none of the properties moved onto the network rooms. Pictures will be provided if necessary (if you need to see the problem through my unity screen then just post a comment). Thanks for any advise guys!
  8. Wow this is very helpful! +1
  9. Hello everyone, recently, I've had an issue with Unity5's cloth component. I have sphere colliders of both ends of my flag (which are placed inside the cloth inspector), however the flag still falls into the ground. Any suggestions?
  10. Wow some actually decent advice! I'll definitely keep that in mind. I've been trying to figure out EQ'ing for bass and I've never found many solid tutorials. Thanks for the advice man. +1
  11. Yeah unfortunately I didn't realize the bass was so turned down because I was producing with beats audio on with the bass all the way up on the audio mixer...
  12. Hey guys, earlier today, I dropped a banga trap remix of Ummet Ozcan's Revolution. Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/officialwv/revolution-officialwv-festival-trap-remix As for another topic, would anyone be interested in doing some sort of song collaboration? It doesn't have to be trap. PM me if you are down for that or post it in the comments, though I might not check it very often.
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