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  1. Maha25 Free Models

    can i know what software are you using please ?
  2. Simple explosives kit

    thanks for the share ^^
  3. Inventory Script

    bad place to post
  4. hello world

    Welcome bro
  5. Unity UI - render mode , need help

    Okey thx a lot !!
  6. Unity UI - render mode , need help

    are you sure ? '-'
  7. Hello Everyone

    welcome to the community
  8. Unity UI - render mode , need help

    Hey armedunity! i was working on my fps game's HUD and i had to choose between the render mode in the canvas this is my first time using the new UI system so i dunno what to choose Screen space overlay or Screen space camera and if its the camera one , i have to add the controller camera or the gun camera ? A pic of what im talking about : http://imgur.com/yWuUQIX
  9. [C#] Need help to learn c#

    Thx a lot
  10. [C#] Need help to learn c#

    brackeys c#'s tutorials are so basic :v and they are the same like the unity website ones , but i think im gonna learn from quill18creates i saw his tutorials and he is a very good teacher ^^ , thanks bro !
  11. [C#] Need help to learn c#

    Hi Armedunity ! , recently i was getting bored from js ( unityscript ) and i wanted to learn some C# basics ... i watched all the unity3d website's tutorials but it doesn't help so please anyone got some nice tutorials about c# ( with unity syntax ) , i wont some basics programming tutorial of just understanding the basics , i want some c# tutorials connected with how to apply the codes to use for game developpement , and sorry for my bad english ^^ hope that someone can help and understand me :c
  12. AI Follow Code

    maybe when u step on a trigger the follower will play the animation like you ( maybe with itween ? )
  13. Hey guys , i made a new serie of how to make a horror game , for beginners in unity ... so here is the playlist ( i made only 2 videos for now ^^ ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVE5MRSi-VQIqASAXlHJUcicGbm3CaXkP i hope you guys enjoy the video and dont forget to subscribe and thanks ^^
  14. Mixamo Rig

    AHH GOOOOOODD thats what i need ty for telling me