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  1. I pretty sure that there was one script in photon package which allows you to do that.
  2. Enjoy to your team? What have you done exactly?
  3. Dopamine makes you addicted.
  4. I dont understand you can or cannot write your own code?
  5. Nice and simple but for colors i would go for silent nature.
  6. Thank you but some preview would be appreciated.
  7. Try it with unity standard fps controller as what happens then?
  8. I think its bouncing because of slopes when your ship move try this:
  9. Are you using character controller to move your character?
  10. Does your ship have rigidbody component? If yes try to switch Interpolate(at rigidbody component) from None to Extrapolate or Interpolate see what works for you best.
  11. No need to be talented to achieve this, you can actually use unity standard mobile controller joysticks and modify it to work with fps kit.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Try default font if that helps then reimport your font.
  14. Yes.
  15. Can you show your AI code so we can help you to move it in random directions?