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  1. I know how to apply terrain heights in unity, but my issue is actually bringing in any Geo spatial data and loading that to the terrain. If I wanted something different, then I would load another set of Geo spatial data to do the same. This topic kinda gets me because I am not that experienced with Geo Spatial data, however I am experienced in the Unity3D Game engine. Any thoughts or suggestions is highly recommended. Thanks!
  2. Version Version 1.0


    The script is written in C# just attach this script to any game object in a scene and place the scene above the main menu in the build settings. Go to File > Build Settings You will have to open the script and change the scene name or number for it to load where I have left a commit. Then you add in your own company logo or splash images in the 2D Texture slot of the inspector. Once you completed that you are good to go. Hit play and Enjoy ! Note: If you want to spruce this up you can add animations, After Effect videos and etc. Just adjust the timer to the length of the necessary UI placement that you do. Also the Screen Shots are just for reference and you can use the script any way that you want, just keep in mind that the screen shot images are not to used or downloaded due to copyright 2013 in ordinance of Wiser Company.
  3. Morning to all, Just wanted to say Hi. I will be contributing to Unity Armed Site. I have been a Unity 3D developer for over 4 years and I am looking to get some great feedback and help one another through each project. I am a big fan of critique so you if spot something I am doing wrong please feel free to point it out, all I ask is that you are being professional about it. Thanks and happy to be part of great developers alike. Sincerely, WiserDev
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