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  1. maRquez92

    BMX Ride

    Good work. You made the animations? The movements are kind of awkward but with a more realistic control I think that can be a good game. I played dave mirra, skate, etc and i like this kind of games. If you want a tester you have here one. xD
  2. maRquez92

    Bird AI

    Well, I cant (or don't know how to) edit my previous post, so maybe these links can help you if you want to implement the swarm/boids system. http://www.kfish.org/boids/pseudocode.html http://www.red3d.com/cwr/boids/ To synch in multiplayer it's easy and save bandwith if you consider the whole swarm as a single object, and positions of single boids (birds in this case) can differ but they will be inside the swarm boundary.
  3. maRquez92

    Bird AI

    You can implement a swarm algorithm. It's simple and can do the job. You can make them follom paths.
  4. I liked the first one. 0.9 it's also good but I think it should be a little bit faster. With 0.8 is too much slow.
  5. Thank you. Feel free to give your opinion and ideas to make it better.
  6. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Here it installed well. I like this type of games. When I accelerate the music keeps changing and when tried to buy the car wich cost 250 coins said that I haven't enough coins but we start with that value. But when the bugs are corrected you can add more powerups like in Revolt. (PS. I completly agree with Connor Gibson suggestions)
  8. Good work! Actually, I dont play to much RPG games because they need much time. xD But keep up with the good work.
  9. First update to the game: Moving Bricks Other Minor Changes Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMXZkXnL3VM&feature=youtu.be
  10. Thanks. I tried to do something different and give some freedom to users. At the same time learned interesting things.
  11. Hi guys! In the last two months I spent some of my free time learning mobile 2D development in unity. I started just with a draft project to understand the basics and see what can be done, but then I thought that maybe worth spend some more time and make it better to publish. I have some more ideas to add and design to improve. But with University projects and so I won't have time to improve it for a while and decided to publish it as it is and add the other ideas later. This way, maybe with the reviews I can improve it along time. I made everything by myself since game logic, menus, server side to receive user levels, to sprites design and sfx (wich took me more time than I thought, and aren't finish yet xD). Only the musics aren't mine, which one of them is from a Unity 2D Tutorial. It's a casual bricks breaker game(for android). I will appreciate some feedback to what can be improved/changed from anyone of you who wants to try. P.s: It's my first game. An FPS game will have to wait. xD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.agidus.bricksbreaker
  12. You're welcome. It's coincidence because I made a system this week to do the same thing. xD But I don't gave permission to users see all the levels uploaded.
  13. You have to store the files in a server and send the data (xml) from the application to the server using WWWForm. Store that data somewhere, like a database for example or the filesystem. To other users can access these levels you have to use again the WWW class but this time to get the files instead of post.
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