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  1. I think it comes down to what specific players like , but also as a collective group. For me , I like it when the combat "feels" real , games like torchlight and titans quest did this well , its like , theres actual effect when hitting enemies with whatever. Then , good variety when it comes to augmentation , upgrades and items is a must , if you build a character , you want to be able to build him specifically to what you like as a player , a good example is fable. Theres also the "humane" element where the player wants the character to feel "human-like" the witcher does this well. Some games just have that nostalgic feel to it , like diablo and dungeon siege , I dont know what makes them so. It comes down to the visual appeal , pace and technical quality of the game in the end.
  2. I guess it comes down to how you approach it , too many lazy devs just torrent the assets and slap them in the game , but I guess I cant generalize like that , so noted.
  3. I dont think serious developers should use packs , it makes the game look unprofessional. Unity is VERY popular , if you've seen an item from the asset store once , you've seen it a thousand times. Just ask Jim Sterling. There are thousands upon thousands of indies using the same stuff, people WILL realize , believe me.
  4. I have the same problem , have about a dozen half finished projects just chilling on my hdd , my problem isnt the art though , its just overall sticking to one idea, I always expand too much and then end up losing motivation, dont have a solution unfortunately.
  5. Hey , I think I could create something like that for you , im just not sure what is inside exactly?
  6. Johannes

    Old Shed

    It looks pretty good! Maybe use a baked normal map as primary and filtered secondary and if you haven't baked occlusion do so, or just turn it up a bit if you have but other than that no issues , good job.
  7. Hey guys , I was going through some facebook posts on a Unity collaborator page when I noticed a link. Its quite a comprehensive library of tutorials and such so I'm just sharing it here also. https://unity-game-development.zeef.com/adrian.anta
  8. Ah , well I'm glad you like them. If you need any support let me know
  9. Well thats not always true @Gecko , at a fundamental level gameplay is vital as it creates the feel and effect one experiences , but ; games are so much more than just games, games are art. A game that pushes the boundaries that we believed existed is an incredible experience , remember back in 2007 when Crysis came out ? That feeling of awe and wonder and the nostalgia that comes with it , for me , that ; is gaming. Games like Uncharted or Borderlands , games that take strides into the graphically unknown and unseen , those , are the masterpieces. These kind of experiences are what made me want to be an artist.
  10. Ive updated the link , it should be working
  11. Ah , well , when you do , id like to see it
  12. We all have our own approaches , as long as it works i guess
  13. This package is now free, details in the description.
  14. I decided to take a look at the model and alter it a bit, created textures and anims for it. @OcularCash some pointers for your next model, do with them what you will. I dont want to argue with anyone so if anyone has negative comments keep them to yourself. - Your rotation settings were wrong (this could have been my import settings since you didn't provide the blend file I had to import it as FBX) - Your UV mapping was strange , I didn't see any marked seams and though some parts were unwrapped well others weren't. - Make use of the edge split modifier in future models where necessary (Like this one) The base model was really well made so nice one there. Rig was also good. Again , I'm not trying to criticize you or anything , if you already know to do these things then great , if you dont , now you do. What I did : - Created textures (Diffuse, Normal , AO) - Added 2 anims (Open, Close) - Corrected scale and rotation Pictures : Textures : Screenshot : Everything took me about an hour to do , hope you guys like it. Download link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byf1VOz3T7HRVG1LSzdMazVoU3M/view?usp=sharing
  15. Good luck with your project. How is the house coming along , id like to see if you have made progress. I downloaded sweet home as you suggested. Neat little program , though; not really great with blender (IMO). I dont like obj , doesn't export well. But , with a bit of work I unwrapped and altered my own model and its on 909 triss (No objects yet though , will add in unity), so thats good. But , I feel like just using extrusion in blender will get you a smoother, easy to unwrap , similar product with the same time frame. So I guess it comes down to personal preference.
  16. The game seems like it has some potential but honestly mate it feels like you arent willing to put in the work it needs and just finish it as a complete product. I dont mean to be harsh , just saying it as it is. This needs more work, but you could have a real gem here, do yourself a favor and finish it the right way. Add actual enemies, add hands and animations , work on the sounds , just all round work on it.
  17. I like the art so far, but I feel like this lowpoly style is going to be overused and played out very quick.
  18. Individually rendered blades with touch bending on each? Doesn't sound performance sensitive but i might be wrong.
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