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  1. Johannes

    Device Details

    This can be used mainly for performance checks within programs or games.
  2. Johannes

    Device Details

    Hey, This is a small script i made that is used to display a device's (PC, Tablet, Phone) details. I made this for a benchmark I'm working on. This is adjustable and very simple, thought someone might find it useful in their own work. using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class Device_Details : MonoBehaviour { public Text Device_Model_Text; public Text Graphics_Device_Text; public Text Graphics_Memmory_Size_Text; public Text Processor_Type_Text; public Text System_Memmory_Size_Text; public string Device_Model; public string Graphics_Device; public float Graphics_Memmory_Size; public string Processor_Type; public float Processor_Count; public float System_Memmory_Size; void Update () { Device_Model = SystemInfo.deviceModel; Graphics_Device = SystemInfo.graphicsDeviceName; Graphics_Memmory_Size = SystemInfo.graphicsMemorySize; Processor_Type = SystemInfo.processorType; Processor_Count = SystemInfo.processorCount; System_Memmory_Size = SystemInfo.systemMemorySize; Device_Model_Text.text = Device_Model; Processor_Type_Text.text = Processor_Type + " X " + Processor_Count; Graphics_Device_Text.text = Graphics_Device; Graphics_Memmory_Size_Text.text = "Graphics Memmory Size" + " " + Graphics_Memmory_Size + "MB"; System_Memmory_Size_Text.text = "System Memmory Size" + " " + System_Memmory_Size + "MB"; } }
  3. Johannes


    No one here owes you anything and no one will want to help you in the future with that attitude.
  4. Johannes

    My Portfolio

    No need to apologize , thanks for the input. I will definitely make the layout for the mobile version a bit more friendly to the devices screen sizes.
  5. Johannes

    My Portfolio

    Hi guys, I recently updated my portfolio and I just wanted to get some input from you guys on the website and its content. What do you think about the general look , the colors and such? Positive thoughts ,negative views, criticisms, constructive advice are all welcome. Its at : http://johannesnienaberdigitalartist.com/
  6. Its good to believe in yourself and your team. With that said, Its also good to listen to critique. You obviously still have alot to learn and theres no shame in that, but you have to accept that you cant just make a big game without the needed skills.
  7. Try adjusting the agents base offset to be a higher value.
  8. Why would it be stuck on the ground if you use navmesh?
  9. I will be looking for an artist in the coming weeks. I will be in contact when the time comes. Please forward me your portfolio along with rates so long.
  10. So you are asking for someone to redo the script with the new UI system integrated?
  11. Photon is a good choice because of the cloud based hosting. Most locations should get a stable ping. The CCU prices are a bit tight but the service always works well. Photon for me. No fuss.
  12. So damn tired of this kinda music in every preview video
  13. I've played it and I'm blown away , great job! I think this can go far with the right decisions. You are going to need an artist for this to become something, I've sent you a pm about that. Looks good keep it up
  14. Use google before using the forums please. What you need is really not even worthy of a post.
  15. Johannes


    Wow, very cool. Initially I wasn't expecting much but you did a great job , very well done. How did you get the retro art style? It works well , is it a shader + image effects? The game feels very smooth and fast paced and yeah , very nice. Great job.
  16. Not bad , you have a long way to go but good job so far. Down the line you might need to get an artist and sound designer to help you but for now just keep working on it.
  17. So its a color gradient in fancy cartoony font? Not too bad visually but doesn't really explain the aesthetic much , what kind of games do you make?
  18. Good to see you on here again, best of luck with the project.
  19. Its better this way , but it might still not be perfect. Until Valve actually pays for human interaction and testing on the submissions there will be bad games going through.
  20. In short no , its not worth watching. Sub-par acting and pretty bad setting.
  21. Johannes

    War Airplane

    Hey guys , I've released a free War Airplane desktop asset on my website for you guys.http://johannesnienaberdigitalartist.com/downloadsThere are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX.Screenshots :https://gyazo.com/bd6a111869e8913db9ab9b42c46a570fhttps://gyazo.com/9f1436fc208e0bffe71908ebcaaa9b22The asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  22. Johannes

    War Jeep

    Hey guys , I've released a free War Jeep desktop asset on my website for you guys. http://johannesnienaberdigitalartist.com/downloads There are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX. Screenshots : https://gyazo.com/6ceb5df8b4f092a9bf33e5e99cc4094b https://gyazo.com/65d21a837f27908371386f60c71756e3 The asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  23. I think it looks good , well done
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