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  1. I have a collectors set of cards from the 2002 Soccer World Cup ,its worth quite a bit I'm told. Should probably frame it. Other than that I have one normal cards deck that we bust out on holidays.
  2. @DaBossTMR Sounds good, I've sent you a pm on the subject
  3. Looks very nice, really got the style down. If you are looking for additional artists in the future please let me know
  4. fps

    @Zhavier This post sais voxel though, thats why I posted that.
  5. fps

    It looks good so far, nice smooth gampelay and decent graphics HOWEVER; this style isn't voxel , its polygonal. It seems alot of people get this confused so here's the definition for voxel : "A voxel is a unit of graphic information that defines a point in three-dimensional space. Since a pixel (picture element) defines a point in two dimensional space with its x and y coordinates , a third z coordinate is needed. In 3-D space, each of the coordinates is defined in terms of its position, color, and density." So a simple way to see it is 3D pixels, one unit being one pixel. Polygonal, on the other hand; is just lowpoly stylized art. To give you an example,these are voxel designs : And these are polygonal : All in all good job so far! I do like the polygonal style you have :)
  6. @geckoo You are probably right, but isn't it fun to speculate?
  7. Yeah that trajectory doesn't look right unless the gunman is shooting from the East(assume the girl is facing North when aiming), in which case they would have known not to shoot from that position, because there would have to be a window or opening on the Eastern wall which would leave them exposed, whereas if the gunman is shooting from the North , it would have to be a head on shot, which it isn't. The other consideration is the size of the bullet hole. Middle-Eastern terrorist groups (assume ISIS) are known for using especially large caliber rifles, whereas that impact and hole suggests something small such as a .45 pistol or such.
  8. @SATORI Yeah, this script isnt really done , just wanted to share it if anyone wants to use/alter it
  9. @thenext2 Thanks , ill be updating it soon Doing some advertisement first
  10. @omard2000 Yeah , thats why these simple kinds of mobile games do well usually , its what kids like to play.
  11. @omard2000 Oh man I remember that game , was epic!
  12. Hey guys! So , my studio (Aligned Games) has finally released its second mobile game , Pocket Rockets Traffic Racer Dash on the Play Store for android devices! The game is a traffic racer game but instead of dodging the cars you are encouraged to smash into them! You use your money earned from playing to buy new vehicles and upgrades. Please give the game a try if you have an android device and let me know what your thoughts are. Enjoy the game and please leave a comment and rating on the Play Store page if you enjoyed it! Download Here
  13. Seams like some sort of clipping , try increasing the bias/normal bias on the directional light. Else maybe the near plane offset in the quality settings.
  14. The model is great. Just apply some anti-aliasing
  15. Not bad , lighting looks all wrong though. Scene would be pretty unplayable also with that much vegetation and thickness. But yeah , looks good.