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  1. Another speed test request

    60 fps everywhere, no drops anywhere. Ryzen7, GTX970 and 16 GB DDR4 Ram. Game is fun.
  2. Grunt1914

    Im glad you are looking forward to it Ive invested way too much time and money in the project for me to cancel it, I will definitely release it, probably by end of December this year.
  3. Grunt1914

    Youd have to talk to her about it although I doubt shell be able to take free work at the moment.
  4. Grunt1914

    I have updated the art and information on the post.
  5. Grunt1914

    The level design and modeling are done by me, and the concept art is done by Paulina Juźwin. Thanks! I hope people will like it too
  6. Grunt1914

    I have updated the art and information on the post.
  7. Need Demonic Horse

    Glad you like it, have fun
  8. Game compression ?

    As for the materials, it wont impact the game's size too much, they are very small, especially after build. Its more a performance thing. Share a screenshot of your inspector in the unity editor, I want to see your file structure. Also, be sure to remove the alpha channels from your albedo/diffuse maps if you aren't using translucent shaders. You can do this by saving the textures as any format that doesn't support and A channel, so there's no transparent channel, such as jpg.
  9. Game compression ?

    Where to start... a Texture in Unity doesn't go higher than the actual resolution of the texture in the inspector. So you dont have to worry about locking the size unless you go lower than the actual resolution. If you want to drastically decrease the size of the textures set them lower in size and change the filtering mode. So, looking at that texture it doesn't even look like you need any texture detail, consider using material color. If you insist on having albedo/diffuse detail you might consider using a single atlas to save on batching performance, as materials that are shared batches those GameObjects together. Other than that be sure to mark all non movable GameObjects as static for occlusion and navigation. There are more ways to increase these savings based on the type of shader you are using and how that shader uses the lighting in the scene. For instance, is it diffuse only or does it support additional maps? Using more than 1 material on a GameObject is never advised, to put it simply, for every new material the gpu has to run another drawcall, so the less you have the better. If these dont assist much please share your file hierarchy so that we can check whether we can sort it better in order to accompany performance gain/size reduction.
  10. Grunt1914

    Thanks! Ill be sure to post them!
  11. Grunt1914

    Will do! Will be in two months or so.