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  1. If i remember correctly PUN should have a function called PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomOrCreate(); or something like that. that will connect you to a random room and if one doesnt exist it will create one. but I havent used PUN in a very long time so I might just be imagining things.
  2. Next stop: Pixar's studio I wish you the best of luck my friend
  3. Elias cmon how can you forget lol
  4. Looking really good considering what you told me on skype ill download it later and have a look when I have time.
  5. what is your problem exactly? this should work just do If(hit.collider){ blah blah }
  6. It might be somethign with the animation clip? try changing the wrapmode maybe?
  7. LynoHD

    Screen tearing

    Okay so I think i figured out the issue here.. my MSI laptop has a program called "MSI Nahimic" and it seems like when that program is running unity fucks up reaaally bad and starts artefacting. so closing the program fixed it. does any1 here know why this is happening? or how to avoid this conflict between those 2 programs? EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. updating Nahimic to Nahimic 2 completely solved this problem. you can now run both of them without any problems. go to Nahimics facebook page to find the download.
  8. LynoHD

    Screen tearing

    Hello guys, on my laptop I get some HORRIBLE screen tearing and glitching and what not in the unity editor managed to get a picture of it happen the arterfacts disapears when I click somewhere in the editor but will eventually come back when I click somewhere else AGAIN. it is really annoying and its unbearable. also found a post from the unity3d question section which explains the problem better. http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/1163937/unity-editor-panels-contains-weird-colorfonts-arti.html really hope you guys know the issue this is pissing me off, Appreciate all help, Thanks in Advance! EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. updating Nahimic to Nahimic 2 completely solved this problem. you can now run both of them without any problems. go to Nahimics facebook page to find the download.
  9. Thanks alot guys, appreciate it
  10. Hi guys, I've been reading around on the unity tutorials and they're talking about something called Interfaces and Polymorphism, they seem easy enough but I just dont understand why and where you would use it? or maybe I just dont understand the idea of it at all. would anyone try and explain in short why and where you would use this? like, I dont understand why u would make an interface to call methods on multiple classes when u can just make a normal method and make a instance of a script and call the method the same way? Appreciate all help, thanks in advance Lyno
  11. first of all this,isnt,the,sell,or,request,section. and second, it literally took me 1 second to find this on google http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/25118/how-do-you-zoom-with-a-sniper.html
  12. LynoHD

    Broke asset?

    Okay so it would appear that they exported the .FBX in Maya LT 2016, which means i wont be able to open it in blender
  13. LynoHD

    Broke asset?

    Hello guys, I just bought these arms https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/17201 off the asset store and the arms themselves seems to work just fine inside unity but when i try to import them into blender it just says "couldnt load... bla bla bla" and when i double click on the FBX file to open it inside visual studio theres literally nothing more than just plain text any1 know how to fix this? Appreciate all help, thanks in advance Lyno
  14. LynoHD

    Help with some asset

    Okay, understand. thanks alot guys, appreciate it.
  15. Hello guys, I just bought an asset from the asset store https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/38954 and this is what it says in the readme file that comes with it Next-Gen weapon mesh with professional quality! It contains: A Next-Gen M4A1 weapon mesh with 18343 triangular faces Over 10 materials Over 10 high-definition textures 1 showcase map 1 C# script You can use it in any games or vr projects after rigging. Also, you can just use it for exhibition or demonstration. does this mean i cant use it commercially? make money out my projects? if so why wouldnt it say that on the asset store page?
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