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  1. Very good , it sounds fine to me!
  2. Animation is defiantly not a way to go!
  3. SwiftyChap

    building fall!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UX9ZUXLI1Q 2:30 How would i make a fall effect like this?
  4. What do you put this in???? shader, c#? as it does no work in c# for me!
  5. i got unexpected token : rot error
  6. function Update () { transform.Rotate(0, 30 * Time.deltaTime, 0); } i have tried yield for second and it dint work, can anyone help i trying to make it like a tick effect!
  7. http://armedunity.com/topic/573-legs-from-first-view/ Already one on the site! simply put it in your player object after you have positioned it! and then assign the right variables on the script.
  8. i will try new colors and its a logo!
  9. lol i would but i am not very good at that and i don'thave a good program for it
  10. can anyone suggest or help me to improve this! I use paint.net
  11. SwiftyChap

    object problem

    When i put one object in to another, the one i put in changes scale! anyone know how i can stop this?
  12. it is to see if the animations have smooth transitions
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