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  1. Thanks for OneManArmys awesome tutorial I now have a bunch of animated models for my new project. I have one problem though, they all come out left handed..is there a simple way of mirror them to right hand without screwing up the animations? Thanks! EDIT: NVM I am an idiot! there is a tutorial linked at the bottom of the page! thanks again!
  2. Okay thank you, but I still don't know which files to import into fragmotion, does anyone has model pack 9 so we can reference?
  3. Im sorry but I did not understand your post at all.
  4. Wait...if fragmotion can only import FBX then I can't use it..all the FPSC files I need for the guns are in .x format. UPDATE: Nvm figured it out, now I am just confused on what I am supposed to import into fragmotion...the model pack 9 I currently have has lots of files and folders.
  5. Can fragmotion export to fbx format? If so couldn't I just go from fragmotion straight to unity?
  6. Does anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to do this? I saw one of this forum but it barley explained how to.. if someone can explain this and get it to work I will buy premium on this site, then I know you are helpful !
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