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  2. It is best for everyone if I leave So I decidec to leave.
  3. I will be very shot BAN ME OMA SAVE THIS FORUM FROM ME (BSG speaking) also I am leaving as you can see just ban me so I can`t use this profile anymore I am leaving bye forum
  4. I am an idiot,I am an asshole,I am f***** peace of s***,I suck so bad,I am stupid,I am stupid,I am an idiot,I am an idiot,I hate myself,I hate what I have done,I am just a f***** thief yeah that is really you think I think so btw I got this stupid rank because I am stupid and I downloaded PFSKIT for free from the guy came and then he gave me link in inbox (Armedunity inbox) and I just said: "Tnx you are my life saver you gave us link!!!"" that was the most STUPID thing that I have ever done I pirated pfskit(themars says that that is official name for it) and I am just so stupid,I dono what to do but I am sure that I am going to delete pfskit that I downloaded and I will just trow it away I don`t need It I don`t know why did I even download it,I don`t know,call me as ever you want call mee thief,bagger,leacher call me gay I don`t care I deserved it cause I am stupid....yeah...... I JUST WANT TO SAY ONE BIG SORRY TO ALL MEMBERS OF THIS COMMUNITY THAT WERE SUFFER MY BORINGNESS MY IDIOTISM JUST SORRY EVERYONE SORRY I WANT TO CHANGE MY SELF CAUSE CURRENTLY I AM AN ASSHOLE AND I AM TRYING TO CHANE IT SORRY EVERYBODY I HOPE YOU WILL GIVE ME THE THIRD AND THE LAST CHANCE IF YOU DO THEN JUST KNOW I WON`T RULE IT IF I EVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN THEN JUST BAN ME BUT I WANT TO STAY GIVE ME THIRD AND LAST CHANGE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I WILL CHANGE MY SELF JUST GIVE ME BACK YOUR TRUSTNESS IN ME JUST TRUST IN ME DON`T HATE ME AND PLEASE OMA GIVE ME BACK MY RANK WITH THE STARS THAT I DON`T DESERVE BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME I JUST I JUST YOU KNOW....CHOICE IS YOURS CHEERS
  5. mmm maybe: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class YourClassNme: MonoBehaovir { public GameObject spawnThisThing; private GameObject spawned; private bool temp; void Start() { foreach(GameObject obj in bjs){ vecArray = objs.GetComponent<Transform>().position; } } void Update() { int top; if(spawned== true) { Instantiate(spawnThisThing,vecArray[Random.Range(0,top)],Quaternion.identity); } { spawned } void OnGUI() { if(GUILayout.Button("Spawn)) { spawned = true; } } }
  6. That is called his old shitty modellling he thinks he`s the best,btw Beanster you are blender pro so please tell me who`s better me or Darkrai,my models or his models ??
  7. Darkrai you fucking motherfucker shut up why do you hate me aggh...
  8. Help me Yesterday I made a new air vehincle for my game and it is some sort of quadplane and I have two rotors,I have left and right rotor so basicly I want to rotate my rotor around its center for example you have a fan and you know how does it rotate so basicly I want to rotate my rotor around its own center/middle without moving the rotor just rotating it around y axis/center to look like helicopter rotor. I hope someone will help me this is what I have done: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ***secret*** : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject leftRotor; public GameObject rightRotor; public float slowSpeed; public float fastSpeed; void Start() { } void Update() { } }
  9. As I said I just hate ads and I hate when I accidently click on them and then I get a virus that is unremovable and then I get fc**** toolbar and my homepage set to www.xxx3453dgdgdfg.com.xert3.cppt and yeah some of ads have sound so..... BTW if you are thinking of making some money using ads know: that is a POOR way of making a money you`ll rule the website I will look crappy with adds and ads are boring they have viruses I like when my page looks clear Using ADS to make money is really poor way.......
  10. Also I downloaded Ad Blocker and Ad Blocker + to stop those anyoing adds here on this community the first thing you need to do I install ad blocker I hate ads !!!
  11. GTA San Andreas Multiplayer uses RakNet for their networking base so if you are playing on Role-Player,Drift,Band servers it will always have RakNet that is GTA default networking for multiplayer.
  12. I use Unity`s default networking and it works as good as other server hosters btw if you want to have 7-24 online server then just buy a new PC and connect it to Server PSU and run the match on that PC and you`ll have a server and people will be able to join it whenever they like
  13. really nice game I saw you on Youtube yesterday that was my first time I saw you -yestreday and of course I like,yesterday I thought of you now you are here on armedunity sorry for grammar I am on my phone
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