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  1. Looks pretty cool man. If you don't mind I do have some recommendations to give you. 1. Turn down the ambient occlusion radius. I see some cloudiness surrounding the character model that can pass as graphical artifact ghosting due to improper tuning of the AO shader settings. 2. Apply an audio reverb filter to the weapon fire audio source and adjust the effect to your liking. Whether or not you instantiate the source during run-time through dependency injection or through prefabs, your solution may vary. 3. You may or may not run into issues with your camera script down the road when it comes to handling third person camera collision within the game world. It seems like a pretty cool idea to have what you've got going here, although just be careful. I can already "feel" the bugs haha but if you know what you're doing best of luck with your innovation!

    Master Server

    You may find this valuable. First year is free. https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/
  3. I recommend you start to learn photon from the beginning before trying to implement it into a project like this. the problem is too vague considering you supplied no code or understanding of the problem yourself, but from what you've shown, one could say it has something to do with the serialization of the player's transform. https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/pun/current/demos-and-tutorials/pun-basics-tutorial/player-networking
  4. dude how did you find out about this lol? after some searches, apparently this has been around since at LEAST 2015.
  5. Why did you quote the post and add nothing?
  6. Please do not resurrect a dead topic (3 years old). Post a new topic in the Help section. https://armedunity.com/forum/27-need-help/
  7. DifficultyLevelManager (singleton) - controls the enumeration for setting the difficulty level. Attach this script to a gameobject called DifficultyLevelManager. SetDifficulty - initializes the inspector-set difficulty level at start (on the DifficultLevelManager) to match the dropdown menu value. Attach this script to a canvas and drag a dropdown menu component onto the inspector/script. Lastly, on the dropdown menu component, drag in the DifficultyLevelManager script into the On Value Changed part of the inspector then select the following function: SelectDifficultyLevel. You're done. This is how you'd use it, but the way you can go about it all depends on your project setup. I'd advise to set this up in a game manager of some kind where you check for conditions based on what the player will be dealing with. Feel free to adjust the script as necessary. Add more difficulty levels, change up the parameters for compatibility with other UI elements if you wish. You can also create separate difficulty mode managers for separate game modes by inheriting from the base class (DifficultyLevelManager) and can either use overrides or interfaces to expand it.
  8. Moved to showcase category. Pretty cool game, definitely super casual.
  9. If you're using post processing stack v2, the way you access and change the effects will differ compared to the previous versions. v2 handle things in a cleaner presentation for modification. There's even an exact example within the wiki/documentation for what you probably want to do: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/PostProcessing/wiki/Manipulating-the-Stack You'll have to download v2 from the github, as it's not yet live on the asset store which has an earlier version that isn't handled the same way through code as v2.
  10. camo pants dope af. diggin' it man
  11. SATORI

    My Music Projects

    Just released a second EP. Enjoy
  12. Make mistakes. Don't strive for perfection on the first dozen games & projects you create.
  13. Needs some trees in the background, and you got yourself a stunning scene. Nice attention to detail
  14. Thanks for sharing yet another alternative! Will try it out and see how it suits my needs.
  15. Indeed. Although, personally, Gimp has a UI that really throws me off for some odd reason. Great piece of software, too, nonetheless!
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