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  1. Hey YD, long time no see! I originally selected PUN to use in a relatively small-to-medium scale project (5-10 players max per game room; 5-player cooperative story-play / 10-player multiple PvP modes). I don't have any worthwhile worries regarding using PUN as the networking solution itself for said project, and am rather concerned if it will be viable enough to build a decent multi-player experience on. Same goes with you Kevin, hope everything is swell; pertaining to my question(s), you likely answered a good portion of my curiosities with your given response. I chose PUN for the exact summarization you made about the use of PUN for the project I'm referencing. The game itself isn't going to be massive in player-count capability nor world size(small/medium sized maps). I do not plan on having a competitive aspect interpreted into the game, other than having casual PvP experiences with friends/random players + co-op. I just see cloud servers as a huge capability, considering I can pay a reasonable fee to reach people all across the world at ease. I'm just trying to find assurance that PUN is the right path for my said project thus far with the given parameters. I understand the beneficial network security of using a server-client model setup, although I'm presuming there's ways to prevent cheating through some innovative medium or format while using the master-client model infrastructure? I definitely do not want manipulation such as god mode and/or aim assists occurring and running rampant. I'm not too worried about it, in fact I wouldn't mind it if there was small modifications going on if the user managed to inject/hack the game client (looking into obfuscators for future use and for some form of protection later down the road before public release). I don't know about you guys but I'd find it to be super cool to witness things like name text color manipulation on one of my own projects. That's just me tho lol anyway thank you for any input thus far I truly do appreciate it.
  2. Is it worth switching over to this from PUN in terms of performance and capability? I've never heard of this networking solution until now. The amount of features it has seems to definitely out-weigh PUN from a quick comparison, although is it worth considering?
  3. SysInfo is awesome nice job man. Heads up though, you don't wanna be calling the text in Update() that often, but I'm assuming this is just a plug-n-play sorta script so it shouldn't be an issue
  4. I feel as if I may want to extend on this for my own purposes, thanks Ocular.
  5. Thank you for letting everyone know of these alternatives. I myself currently use Audacity (definite must) and have tried bfxr out. Recommended for 8-bit game art. I also gave Boscaceoili a try a while back, but I ended up going with LMMS. Maybe it'd make a great addition to this guide/list. Although it does require a bit of skill set to use efficiently, it is just as effective as FL Studio imho (does lack features though but gets the job done).
  6. You'll have to show us the LoadingScreen class (or you're referencing the scene index/name incorrectly when you call the function).
  7. What you pretty much want to do depends on the implementation as Ocular said, but I'll tell you the moral of how to handle it code wise. Disable the camera component itself or the camera's object as a whole (circumstantial) on the player prefab. I disable the camera's game object all-together, as I disable the MouseController (for Y axis) script along with it leaving me no need to do that separately - although I do have to disable the MouseController (for X axis) script on the player's main parent separately in the same function as I do with the camera, graphics, and other components. Upon instantiating the networked player, within the instantiation function -- enable the camera by using GetComponent or something of that sort. I use this thus far, for reference for you. p is a temporary reference variable prescribed under the instantiation logic of the playerPrefab, which I then use its instance of for accessing the FirstPersonController component where the game object fpsCamera is referenced at to then be enabled upon spawning. p.GetComponent<FirstPersonController>().fpsCamera.SetActive(true); Hope this helps you in some medium. Recommended:
  8. You should really open the Error List window in Visual Studio.
  9. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Both.
  11. He wanted to change the Render Mode for the UI so it would line up with the camera, as he demonstrated in the screen shots. I recommend you to polish up on your knowledge base on Canvas Render Modes. If otherwise, you must have gotten what I said confused with the Canvas Scaler component. That component is responsible for scaling the on-screen UI scale.
  12. Yes, this is normal. If you want to have the canvas scale stretched to the camera's perspective, navigate to the Canvas/UI game object. There should be a canvas component. On that component, there will be a Render Mode setting. Set it to "Screen Space - Camera".
  13. I'm not quite sure if I read what you wanted correctly, however I'm just gonna leave this here lol using UnityEngine; [RequireComponent(typeof(AudioSource))] public class LoopSound : MonoBehaviour { private AudioSource audioSource; public AudioClip myClip; public float timer = 5.0f; private void Start() { audioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); InvokeRepeating("MySfx", 5, timer); } private void MySfx() { audioSource.PlayOneShot(myClip); } }
  14. Took me just a moment to Google CS1525. What do YOU think it is?
  15. You've got quite a few syntax errors here, are you using an IDE? If not, you should. Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (community edition) or a different IDE while working in a C# environment. Pertaining to your debug error, it displayed because you didn't put a postfix operator " () " to close your indication of the function startPreview. Pay close attention when you're programming. It isn't a walk in the park where you can step anywhere you'd like. It is booby trapped; intertwined with the world of 'grammar'. If one cog wheel breaks, the whole system poops itself. Edit: Well then... Ocular beat me to to it xD I took too long making coffee.