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  1. [New Project] AK 9mm

    Can't wait to see this bad boy textured-up! Keep going! +1
  2. Free Low-Poly Arms Rigged

    Looks like the arms are karate chopping themselves lol Thank you for the contribution!
  3. Free Low-Poly Pack

    Thanks for the contribution I personally love low-poly artwork so this is super cool to having the option to use.
  4. I highly doubt anyone will have their hands on it man. Your best bet is to make one yourself. Photoshop (after some practice) is quite easy to use.
  5. I'm back :D

    Welcome back Connor -danny
  6. Blender - Colt 1911

    Looks pretty decent man. Definitely spice up the reflective aspect and it'll have quite the worth
  7. Dropbox Alternative

    Hey OMA. Have you looked into https://mega.nz/ ?
  8. STARBO: New Adventure Horror Game (WIP)

    I love the idea. When will we see gameplay?
  9. Idle Check

    Thanks for the addition Ocular. Added to OP.
  10. Idle Check

  11. Idle Check

    A useful script for all sorts of purposes. Can be extended or completely remixed into something intuitive. I am using this logic to check for players who are idle on the main menu for 60 seconds (listens for mouse & keyboard input), where it then loads them into another scene. Feel free to touch it up to your heart's desire.
  12. Level System /w Playerprefs

    Thanks for contributing to the community morten
  13. Simple But Effective Ground Fog

    Such an elegant way of going about this effect. Great work Ocular Only thing that's missing [for my flavor] is fading/smoothing at the edges
  14. Cant decide (Networking Solution)

    What do you mean? What variables and steps did you take and happened to be in place when the network manager broke?
  15. Post Processing Stack

    Correct. AA should work just fine along with chromatic aberration, etc.