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  1. Thanks for contributing to the community morten
  2. Such an elegant way of going about this effect. Great work Ocular Only thing that's missing [for my flavor] is fading/smoothing at the edges
  3. Hey guys. So it's been a while since I last released a script, so here's a very simplistic and compact, yet effective weapon sway script I wrote up in C#. It's by far the shortest weapon sway script I've seen on the internet (and written for that matter). It's quite different from other sway scripts in terms of the effect. It has my own little taste added to it. Just drag the script on to your weapon and you're all set. If the weapon flips, reset your axes. Enjoy!
  4. What do you mean? What variables and steps did you take and happened to be in place when the network manager broke?
  5. Correct. AA should work just fine along with chromatic aberration, etc.
  6. It looks like you dragged over a custom motion vector into the Post Processing Behavior component? You're supposed to Create > New Post Processing Profile - drag that newly created file over to the component slot and then click on the profile itself to view the effects within the inspector. Definitely, although it varies to what effects you'll be applying. Screen-space reflections, ambient occlusion, and depth of field will surely drop those frames. Please note that there's compatibility restraints when using these shaders/post processing effects. It requires at least shader model 3.0 and doesn't work on Mac (if I remember correctly).
  7. Use an array of audio clips, shuffle through them randomly upon instantiation
  8. Official documentation (Getting started) Generated API (For looking up function definitions) Quickstart video tutorials (Hands-on way to start playing with FNR) I'm new to it myself, however I'll let you know that it is well worth it for the fact that it is free, open source, is authoritative (difficult to come across a free and feasible networking solution with this quality), and has a Discord server chat for any questions, concerns, or comments one may have. It takes a bit to get to grasp of, but after you do... you're going love what you can do with it. The concept of the server being run within a Unity instance isn't all that bad. It's open source and is designed for use within Unity and without, so if you have the knowledge to do so you can work out the instance in any way you wish. The up-side to it being run within a Unity instance is that, you can run it on whichever platform - Windows, Mac, Linux, etc (or so I believe).
  9. Check out Arduino boards. I fiddled with them a bit a while ago and made a RC car although be wary there are so many ways you can do things with them that it will feel overwhelming. Nevertheless, keep trying until you work out the kinks. It's just like any other sort of programming, but this time you have to make sure the physical aspect (not just the virtual) is correctly linked without error. It's much easier to make errors on the physical aspect compared to the code behind it (at least for me). Also please note you're going to have to learn quite a bit about wiring unless you'll be using wireless modules and stuff like that. Arduino uses C/C++ so be prepared for that skill set.
  10. Inspiring - thank you once more geckoo
  11. That example I put together in PS is just a rough example. Feel free to customize to your heart's desire and of course - don't spend too much time on layout, tho rather concentrate on functionality. You can always go back to UI so long as the functionality is in place
  12. can't go wrong with a setup something like this (for now)
  13. You never fail to deliver shader excellence geckoo, great work.
  14. 'Ello m9. Welcome to the community armed with Unity
  15. Thank you for this Ocular
  16. This has a slight psychedelic touch to it. Trippy as $@#^!. I totally respect and honor your vision, man. I really do - but I also would like to let you know (as I would tell anyone aspiring to create something awesome) that you have much work to do. A few quick notes I'd like to make is, depending on how massive you're planning to make the game world, you need to know of a vital piece of information regarding level design. After a certain point out there in the game scene straying away from the center origin point (0,0,0), you will run into floating point precision inaccuracies. There are work-arounds to this, but for the most part I advise you look into solutions such as splitting the world into instances/separate scenes. At the end of the day I truly do love what you have going here, even though it is incomplete in my eyes, your project gives off this energy that I felt back in the day as a kid playing 90s-2000 era games on console. It is most definitely the art style which brings prominence to such a memory, however if you too have that same fragment within you as many carry within them, then I may wish to see this dream of yours to come to fruition. Word of advice - stray from considering the project to be commercial. Do this for yourself. Do it for that part of you deep, deep down. You won't be disappointed. Good luck!
  17. H.G Wells <3
  18. Just came across the video version of this post:
  19. @YoungDeveloper now that you've pointed that out I do have a second impression for the possibility it may be staged - a following piece of evidence to that reality is that the girl sticks her tongue out through her teeth and draws a "he-he, that just happened?" facial expression lol
  21. @YoungDeveloper definitely leaning more towards like CS, but not in the competitive aspect. I'll be sending RPCs for intractable game world objects, for the basics regarding player functionality, some AI, and for some scene events
  22. The moment I read the thread title I automatically whispered to myself: "The infinite loops have struck again..." lmao
  23. Hey YD, long time no see! I originally selected PUN to use in a relatively small-to-medium scale project (5-10 players max per game room; 5-player cooperative story-play / 10-player multiple PvP modes). I don't have any worthwhile worries regarding using PUN as the networking solution itself for said project, and am rather concerned if it will be viable enough to build a decent multi-player experience on. Same goes with you Kevin, hope everything is swell; pertaining to my question(s), you likely answered a good portion of my curiosities with your given response. I chose PUN for the exact summarization you made about the use of PUN for the project I'm referencing. The game itself isn't going to be massive in player-count capability nor world size(small/medium sized maps). I do not plan on having a competitive aspect interpreted into the game, other than having casual PvP experiences with friends/random players + co-op. I just see cloud servers as a huge capability, considering I can pay a reasonable fee to reach people all across the world at ease. I'm just trying to find assurance that PUN is the right path for my said project thus far with the given parameters. I understand the beneficial network security of using a server-client model setup, although I'm presuming there's ways to prevent cheating through some innovative medium or format while using the master-client model infrastructure? I definitely do not want manipulation such as god mode and/or aim assists occurring and running rampant. I'm not too worried about it, in fact I wouldn't mind it if there was small modifications going on if the user managed to inject/hack the game client (looking into obfuscators for future use and for some form of protection later down the road before public release). I don't know about you guys but I'd find it to be super cool to witness things like name text color manipulation on one of my own projects. That's just me tho lol anyway thank you for any input thus far I truly do appreciate it.
  24. Is it worth switching over to this from PUN in terms of performance and capability? I've never heard of this networking solution until now. The amount of features it has seems to definitely out-weigh PUN from a quick comparison, although is it worth considering?
  25. SysInfo is awesome nice job man. Heads up though, you don't wanna be calling the text in Update() that often, but I'm assuming this is just a plug-n-play sorta script so it shouldn't be an issue