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  1. You should really open the Error List window in Visual Studio.
  2. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. Both.
  4. He wanted to change the Render Mode for the UI so it would line up with the camera, as he demonstrated in the screen shots. I recommend you to polish up on your knowledge base on Canvas Render Modes. If otherwise, you must have gotten what I said confused with the Canvas Scaler component. That component is responsible for scaling the on-screen UI scale.
  5. Yes, this is normal. If you want to have the canvas scale stretched to the camera's perspective, navigate to the Canvas/UI game object. There should be a canvas component. On that component, there will be a Render Mode setting. Set it to "Screen Space - Camera".
  6. I'm not quite sure if I read what you wanted correctly, however I'm just gonna leave this here lol using UnityEngine; [RequireComponent(typeof(AudioSource))] public class LoopSound : MonoBehaviour { private AudioSource audioSource; public AudioClip myClip; public float timer = 5.0f; private void Start() { audioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); InvokeRepeating("MySfx", 5, timer); } private void MySfx() { audioSource.PlayOneShot(myClip); } }
  7. Took me just a moment to Google CS1525. What do YOU think it is?
  8. You've got quite a few syntax errors here, are you using an IDE? If not, you should. Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (community edition) or a different IDE while working in a C# environment. Pertaining to your debug error, it displayed because you didn't put a postfix operator " () " to close your indication of the function startPreview. Pay close attention when you're programming. It isn't a walk in the park where you can step anywhere you'd like. It is booby trapped; intertwined with the world of 'grammar'. If one cog wheel breaks, the whole system poops itself. Edit: Well then... Ocular beat me to to it xD I took too long making coffee.
  9. It would be really, really cool if you learned how to do this stuff your very self and then show us what kind of work you have brought into this world.
  10. What this code is doing is checking the sticksMan.stick.Length, and for that length you are checking if the game object referenced is active in the hierarchy window (reference is pointing to the game object sticksMan.transform children). If the first condition doesn't check out during the loop, it checks if the specified object is not active in the hierarchy window, then sets foundStick to active as a gameobject, destroys the object instance itself afterwards then sets the foundStick object under same reference as earlier. By the way, break terminates the loop. I think you may want to rethink your logic here. Personally your request is way too unclear for me to try and solve, maybe go in-depth about what you're trying to do?
  11. Glad you got it working man This is an absolute necessity imho
  12. Have you ever wanted to use Unity's dark skin (pro)? No more do we have to spend long nights in our caves with Unity's user interface blinding us. This extension allows you to create your own editor skins, or you may choose the preset skins that ship with its release. Enjoy. Oh and, let's all thank the developer(s) for this extension. Info: Download: Instructions: Extract folder contents and drag them into your Unity project window. Navigate to > Edit > Preferences > Themes to manage the extension's settings and capabilities. This is my setup:
  13. I recommend to research how Fixed Joints work for a greater understanding of how to get the exact functionality you are looking for. PS: If you aren't at least willing to learn how this stuff works, I'm afraid many won't use their time to aid you in writing a script for you - unfortunately. The help section gets a lot of 'leaches' here, so we like to make sure our time spent helping benefits the individual in a cognitive manner, instead of being part of an average copy and paste routine. I can tell you that the dedicated (talented) part of the community here is passionate towards those who are as passionate as they are about learning and creating things on their own. The really cool thing about learning how to do these sorts of things by yourself, is you get to keep on doing them without anyone's assistance whenever you want, however you like. Anyway, that video I found on YouTube contains what you need to know to get it working. If you can piece it out alone from there, I'll convert it to C# for you if that's what you prefer.
  14. I personally can't find any examples where it is used, but it's the way I would go about it for a start. I naturally think of left ctrl as crouch as it is in many games, which is somewhat of an abstract form of decrementing, depending how you see it. Another set up I can pull out of my mind is to use Q/E as well, that seems friendly. Or left/right click. whatever feels best is the way to go for controls.
  15. What I think would be relatively friendly is to set up WASD movement to allow the player to traverse or in other words glide across the surface of the water (un-submerged). Lock this movement to only operate on the Z/X axis. For depth-control under the surface of the water: map left shift and left ctrl as an increment/decrement function for the player's Y position.
  16. The reader could use some information in identifying what the issue is. If I recall correctly, I did ask of you to add a detailed explanation of what you need.
  17. Use a for loop. It won't be as small as you want it to be, but it's a much better method to use than a nest of conditional statements like that for this specific usage. for (int i = 0; i < BuildingO.Length; i++) { if (BuildingO[i].Building == true) { BuildingO[i].BudowlaSpawn.transform.position = new Vector3(hit.point.x, hit.point.y, hit.point.z); } } This solution I typed out won't work as it is for what you need, as it will end up spawning a building if (or for) each and every boolean turns to be true; nevermind it having to be called within Update(). Hopefully this steers you in a decent direction. Click Here For More On Loops
  18. Version 1.0


    Here is a basic top-down starter kit I developed for people who wish to start a top-down origin game development project. The kit contains features such as: -Player Controller -Camera Manager -Game Manager -Main Menu (scales to all resolutions) You have my permission to use this project as you please, even for commercial purposes (you don't even have to credit me). That is all, enjoy. PS: I will continue to update this kit for a short period of time until it reaches a more advanced state, then any further updates will only be available for premium members.
  19. Private message me on this forum whenever.
  20. Hey, so I ended up remembering there was an FPSWalkerEnhanced script released a while back that will do the things you envision, although it will require tweaking to suit the vision you seek for the controller's precise functionality, it is a viable solution to a relatively complex controller. I grabbed the script, edited it a bit, and have packaged a small scene with two prefabs pertaining to the QUAKE and CS setup. They aren't exact, but they can get you started.!M5o1DQxT!EO8raKqSo_V5n8JSrMnSRuiYhGbS9TPHIKK_iummpzg Now it comes down to what you would like to be exactly done, which comes with objective thought pattern. Anyway, I hope this guides you in the right direction. When you have a good idea of what you would like to be done (thought out in points), I'll be happy to assist you in the logic setup.
  21. Don't worry, I'm setting up the controller in a way that will allow you to tweak everything to match what you would like. It will have limitations, don't get me wrong- however it will allow you to have a base to work off of similar to what CS and QUAKE have.
  22. That wasn't quite an objective approach to the explanation, however I know exactly what you're looking for; or at least the part where you explained in regards to the player's rigidbody friction when moving/strafing as well as the gravity factor, not the vision you implied where you said: I'll see what I can do with what you've explained.
  23. If you may explain the movement system within objective terms, I may or may not be able to help. However, you're going to have to be very specific in terms of what functionality you would like.
  24. 2D: 3D: I recommend for you to download the standard assets package and play around with it, as it contains everything you need to get started. Analyze and indulge into the code within the package. It has 2D controllers, 3D controllers, roll-the-ball and ground/airborne vehicle controllers at your disposal.!/content/32351 And remember, have fun. PS: If you'd like to attempt what you need by yourself if that comes to a last resort, here is what you need to understand to get the results you long for.
  25. Thank you, learned a bit from this.