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  1. Hello guys! Some time ago I saw a tutorial on reversing the hands so that my player will handle the weapon "on the right side" just like it is seen in most of the shooters today but I can't find it. Right now my player is holding the weapon "on the left side". I'm putting up a picture here to visualize my problem: I think it's somehow connected with the rotation in inspector. I think the values were x, -x and x for the x, y and z but I'm not sure. Or maybe I have to rotate whole thing in the modelling program or when I'm importing it/decompiling it? Weapon is imported from Counter Strike. Thanks in advance for the help, Cheers
  2. Hi everyone! I need some help in configurating shadows- I think I don't understand something here. I am using, of course, OMA'S FPS Kit. Here's the example: When I set default FPS Kit's Directional Light to cast, for example: hard shadows and drive in such shadow created by a simple building in the default buggy car, my vehicle is covered by the shadow. But when I exit the vehicle and step into the shadow on foot, my player, including hands and weapon- isn't covered by the shadow. My question is: how do I cast shadows on my player and make them cover my hands and weapon? Here are some screens to help you visualize my problem:
  3. Yes, I do. Works perfectly now, just testing it out. Huge thanks!
  4. Much thanks! But how do I make it trigger on holding shift (default for sprinting)?
  5. Hi! I have a really simple question: how do I make my weapon naturally "consist" when running? Just like here, in OMA's COD Kit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqnQe8Qo_ZI The only thing I know that this is an universal animation, working with every weapon. But how do I change it for a specific animation and make it fit a specific weapon? Thanks for the help, in advance! Cheers, Rafkasik
  6. I am sure that you don't even tried to find. On weapon Manager GO. Believe me, I really did, but finally I got confused and thought about asking about it here. Thanks for help, but I have one question more, if you can... Do I have to edit this animation in Unity 3D built-in Animation Editor or can I use other software to do that? If so, how is the animation constructed, that it is able to work with every kind of weapon?
  7. Oh, fine, but where can I actually find default animation to replace it with my own?
  8. Hello everyone! I have really simple question: where can I find the adjustments for camera bobbing? For example: I want it to be a little weaker when I walk, and a little stronger while I run. Thanks for help, in advance! Cheers, Rafkasik
  9. Can I know how did you do the shadows presented in your video? They look really amazing.
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