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  1. Looking for a shader artist who can make the game look fantastic and push Unity to its limits.
  2. The texture artist will need to be able to create all kind of textures for the game. This is a non profit game because of legal stuff, so this is a non paying job.
  3. Here is a comparison of all Halo's HUD's (over the years): (Also pardon my monitors screen resolution.)
  4. Basically we need to implement this bad boy.
  5. Oh hai. It's Bean again. Installation 01 is alive and going very strong! But sadly we need some help with NGUI. D: I'll show you our new working main menu someone offered to make but they won't help again. All we need is someone to integrate this menu into our current build. And help with some HUD stuff
  6. Hello! Bean here and my team and I looking for intermediate gameplay coders for Installation 01. We a have had falling outs with many programmers over these last few months. Either they didn't want to commit or never actually started. None the less, we are willing to be on the search again for coders. This is very important now, due to us appearing at CE3 (http://haloce3.com/about/). This is also a non-paying job, due to us having to follow the Microsoft Game Content Usage. So what will this coder be doing? Well, basically this coder will have to develop gameplay mechanics, character mechanics and possibly vehicles. But why would you want to help? Whats the incentive? The Halo community has now gone a full 10 years without another Halo game ported to PC (Halo 2 PC was never well accepted). With all the latest technology, Halo now looks much better than it did 12 years ago. Sadly, this is only on the Xbox as the Halo PC engine can not handle what many games can today. But now we have a chance. Using the Game Content Usage page, we can produce a free to play next gen Halo game and bring Halo back to the PC. Ready to Finish The Fight? Thank You! TheChunkierBean
  7. Someone originally was coding the networking for our game said we couldn't use the legacy animation system. But its all good now.
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